Dinosaur Train Geocaching Challenge

So easy - "Catie, finds it with her eyes closed!" - Team RAGAR

Geocaching.com teams up with The Jim Henson Company, PBS stations, museums, zoos and aquariums across the United States to bring you the Dinosaur Train Geocaching Challenge.  The PBS children’s show Dinosaur Train encourages kids to “Go outside, get into nature and make you own discoveries!”  Now Dinosaur Train challenges families to find geocaches with fun facts about dinosaurs from the show hidden inside.

Each Dinosaur Train geocache is located in a safe, easy-to-access location and features one of the dinosaurs found in the Dinosaur Train Field Guide.

Team RAGAR is one of more than 300 geocachers to log a Dinosaur Train geocache so far.  They found the Dinosaur Train Cryolophosaurus Cache-WVIZ in Cleveland, Ohio.   They logged, “Came to find this one this morning because Catie loves the Dinosaur Train show on PBS… Catie was very excited to trade a pathtag for a dinosaur.”

Catie found the Dinosaur Train Cryolophosaurus

Geocachers are also encouraged to record their favorite dinosaur.  T-Rex seems to be the reigning favorite among the adults.

Tyrannosaurus, a favorite among parents (and kids)

There are nearly twenty Dinosaur Train geocaches around the U.S. so far, with many more being planned for the near future.  Soon you’ll find instructions to make and hide your own Dinosaur Train geocache.  You can find the growing list of Dinosaur Train Geocaches here.

  • raaen

    Who do I contact to get one for my town? We have a childrens museum and also a pbs station here?

  • Wish, there was one closer, would like to have one of these here….. my kid will love it!

  • Guest

    It looks like Catie has a little Dinosaur Train book of some kind. Is it a printed Field Guide? Can anyone identify it?

  • Thompsonma

    That is a label that we made for the inside of the logbook, it basically says: “Congratulations! You’ve found The Dinosaur Train Cache. Sign the log book and tell us what your favorite dinosaur is. Remember what Dr. Scott says, ‘Get outside, get into nature and make your own discoveries!'” We pasted in the series’ logos, too.

  • Jim

    I would like to hide one here in Evansville. Preferably near the local PBS station. It is very close to my work and there is room there for a cache(no others within a tenth of a mile.) How/Who do I contact to do it?

  • Illya Kowalchuk

    I’m not finding a way to look at the DT Caches on a map. How can I do that?

  • Toadyandtadpole

    Are these limited to the USA?  Can I hide one in Canada?

  • BustiPfers

    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got those two great dino images. The Train Field Guide doesn’t have such high res images. They are actually very poor quality and the text is barely legible. Did you get them off the Dinosaur Train web site somewhere?