Boy Scouts Geocaching Merit Badge – Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video

This year, the Boy Scouts of America announced their plans for a new Geocaching Merit Badge. Watch our latest Lost & Found video to see how Boy Scout Troop 75 incorporates geocaching into their program. The scout troop from from Manhattan, Kansas also demonstrates some of the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to earn the badge.

Requirements for the Geocaching Merit Badge are available online.  The official Geocaching Merit Badge patch is in final development and expected to be released in the near future.

Groundspeak is currently hosting a booth at the BSA 2010 National Scout Jamboree in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia. Scouts there can borrow GPS devices to seek out geocaches hidden in the area during the event, which runs from July 26 – August 4, 2010.

Watch all the Lost & Found stories, which highlight the worldwide adventure of geocaching.

  • watch lost

    Man, talk about the power of Perez's poison. I think the song is beautiful because it isn't all dance and pop and synth. Her voice is still beautiful, and its refreshing to hear something is isn't auto-tuned to all hell. The video isn't the greatest, but in turn, it is simple just like the song.

  • mhm39

    I've been working on getting my Cub scouts out biking and hiking to geocaches instead of sitting on the couch. Plan to do more as the weather permits.

  • ohmerfam

    Our Pack just had a Geocaching “class” yesterday. We set up 11 sample caches around the grounds of our Chartering Organization. Micros, Ammo Cans, even a few surprises. The scouts and parents loved it!

  • keithlemons

    Nice video editing…

  • A team vallejo

    Very Nice! Thats what it's all about—- Nice Video!

  • effse7en

    I wish I was still a scout so I could get this one. I was the ASPL of a district camp-o-ree that was called the cache-o-ree though. The whole event was about geocaching. It was one of my favorite campouts. Maybe I can convince the scoutmaster to do a campout for geocaching 🙂

  • dblohsix

    I think it is great that the scouts are doing this. The only problem that I have come across is that once a scout troop has put out a cache, the maintenance of it seems to be neglected. There have been several archived in our area lately for that reason.

  • camper248

    We are meeting with a cub scout bear den this Saturday to do some caching.

  • Brian

    Are there plans for a belt loop or anything for Cub Scouts?


    yes there is one for cub scouts also

  • Stephen Clingerman

    This is WoodbadgeC1703,I would like some info about the cubscout activity pin or belt loop.I’m the Web program director for our council day camp.

  • Sparrow2

    what about one for GIRL SCOUTS?????

  • Baumholder Pack 96

    Where  do I find the requirements for Cub Scouts??

  • Jeff

    I am also interested in finding the requirements for cub scouts.  My son and I have been geocaching long before he was old enough to be a scout, and he’s a Tiger Cub now.  He’s likely got more geocaching experience and find and will continue to compile more that most boy scouts will ever have.  I’m a Tiger den leader and have introduced my scouts and their Tiger Partners to geocaching, but seems that the belt loop is still only exclusive to boy scouts.  I’m disappointed.