Geocaching Caption Contest 8 – Win an Actual Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “Trackable sounds an awful lot like snackable – close enough for me!” – Moozer

This is the eighth installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  Travel Bugs are one of the joys of the geocaching experience.  This Travel Bug may have ended up in a precarious predicament. What caption would you write for this photo?  “Travel Bug destination? My belly?”

You can do better.  The winner receives an actual Coveted Prize.

Coveted Prize

The prize for this contest is a trackable 10 years coin. Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

13 Lackeys voted to crown the winner of the seventh Geocaching Caption Contest.  Take a look at the post to see who won.  Explore the wit and wisdom of geocachers by checking out all the Geocaching Caption Contests.


    “Hmm, What A Long Dark Trip It's Been”

  • senior citizens

    “Oh! So TB stands for Tough Bone!”

  • Smithw60795

    “I can't dig it up and I can't bury it… now what?”

  • Grandma Lou Lou

    Hmmmm,, alot different bug then I normally get!

  • Themuts

    “I wish all bugs tasted this good!” -themuts

  • TheOptikal_1's

    I can't believe it's our 10 year anniversary already. I hope she likes this sterling silver anklet. I think I'll give it to her at the hydrant we met at.

  • gameoftheirlives

    The ultimate temptation!

  • ken norman


  • Soccer Bulldog

    “I'm tired of laying here, posing with this bone, while people stare at me for no apparent reason”.-Richard the bowman(ok really, when are the Lackeys going to vote on this?)

  • George

    “If that's a flea after my bone, I'm on it! I'm on it!!

  • Voting and results planned to be announced tomorrow!

  • george1295

    “Hypnotism works! That bug hasn't moved for hours.”

  • Hydrascripts

    After this goes down the hatch for transport across the border, I feel REALLY sorry for the next person who picks up the TB after I DROP it off in another cache.

  • David Marchand

    What do you mean, you called for a travel bug rescue?????

    This here bug is going nowhere, you hear me?

  • David Marchand

    let's see this travel bug “disappear” this one is NOT getting muggled!

  • cobraleader312

    Dog says, “Hey, you might want to warm up your Metal Detector”.

  • David Marchand

    What do you mean you are trading me for this travel bug? I triple dog dare you!!!!!!

  • this is not the bone you are looking for! stupid Jedi minds tricks!!!!!

  • you think you are trading me for THIS travel bug? I triple dog dare you!!!!!

  • new anti-muggle security system is now in beta phase……………..

  • What do you mean, you asked for a Bug Rescue? I triple dog dare you to rescue this!!!

  • Elkruntrail

    Keepin' an eye on the prize!

  • Elkruntrail

    I just met you and I love you!

  • What can brown doo for you????

    Geoname: 4Freds

  • Kiwicampnut

    Wondered why this wouldn't go down – it's got a bug in it

  • Kiwicampnut

    Red and yellow and pink and green ?

    = red the colour of the bone; yellow (oh dear it repeated); pink – not what I feel like right now cause I'm feeling really green on it.

  • Flatouts

    Okay now, they have gone to far with this geocaching thing and are starting to annoy me!

  • Flatouts

    Go ahead move…

  • Flatouts (Mrs)

    Humm Something about this bone bugs me… I can't quite put my paw on it.

  • irisisleuk

    Dear travelbug owner, it will take a while before we can drop your TB again. Here is the “before” photo. We will post the “after” photo in a couple of days…


  • TomToad

    Is this what they mean by “Tracking Dog?”


  • Thanks for playing this edition of the Geocaching Caption Contest. There were some hilarious entries. Great work everyone. Try our latest Geocaching Caption Contest to see if you can win a barely coveted prize.

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