Geocaching Caption Contest 11 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Winning Caption: “More shocking than the size of the newly found geocache was the number of DNFs asking for hints on the cache page.” – bekah.manda

This is the eleventh installment of our Geocaching Caption Contest.  This picture was posted to Geocaching.com’s Facebook page.  It was too good not to share here on the Latitude 47 blog.

A coveted prize

What caption would you write? “Really big geocache… or really small geocacher?” You can do better.

The winner receives what’s actually a fairly coveted prize this time.  The Trackable celebrates 100 years of scouting and 10 years of geocaching.

Good luck!  Please include your geocaching username in all entries.

The winner of Geocaching Caption Contest 11 will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of Lackeys.

Geocaching Caption Contest 10. Click the picture to see the winning caption.

17 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the tenth Geocaching Caption Contest a barely coveted prize.

Click on the picture to the right to see who won.

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  • J*LA

    when BYOP goes a little too far

  • I love it! This pen is larger than 90% of the active geocaches!


  • Grandpa's last will stated that he wanted to be buried as a real geocacher – fdebuck

  • Iscandar

    What do you mean this is the first in a multi-cache series of micros?


  • Iscandar

    And this is where Bob realizes that this is a decoy cache and the real cache is a micro in the flower bed nearby…



    “Take bolt G, Nut E and insert vertically into slot O…”

  • little-leggs

    stealth is needed .. this is an easy cache access is easy for all please make sure you return it as you found it .. as in a high Muggle zone

    Additional Hints (No hints available.)

  • Rnrrollover

    Finally get to cross of the DNF that I had for this one!!! – rmnrm

  • frizz

    Note from reviewer: This cache will be archieved due to ilegal steriod use.

  • DashDude

    So there Chuck stood, basking in the glory of locating his first UberCache, only to find the logbook full.


  • Smrising

    After Jack climbed the beanstalk and found the cache, the giants told him that it is actually a micro!

  • Michael Harris

    After several minutes he sighs holding his lucky log pen “The cache has to be in here somewhere?”

    Team Northwoods

  • Coman123

    The Texas Nano cache

  • Shifty7

    Disney executives canceled “Honey I shrunk the geocachers” when the pilot received mixed reviews. Most of the props from the set were simply left outside behind the studio where geocachers would occasionally sift through them looking for oversized geocoins and travel bugs.

  • Brian A Washburn

    Hmmm, can't see the bottom. Hold my feet, I'm going in. 2BamBam4

  • fmoraes

    “Why didn't I trust my GPS? It was in front of me the whole time…”

  • Karen

    Little did Bob know, the nano cache had a very clever disguise of an ubercache and was actually attached to the underside.


  • Krijenniss

    now thats a cache

  • mkfmly

    Hint: Z.V.P.C. (Zbpeb Va Pne Cbeg)

  • Zpedrick

    I was about to type this as my own reply, looks like you beat me to it, voted Like.

  • Bill the Cat

    I would have found it quicker, but the coordinates are off by a good thirty feet.

  • basshunter46

    Dear Mom,
    I thought it was Johnny’s turn to be the tb?

  • Gw0123

    Just one more Honey, Honestly it is a quick park and grab.

  • Karen

    Little did Bob know the uber cache was little more than a disguise – for the nano cache attached to the bottom.


  • VAMPResearch

    Here we see a lilliputian finding Part 1 of a multi cache that Gulliver left behind!

  • Rob Howard

    Thank goodness, I was getting sick of all the micros!

  • jimnet2005

    Hey! Human-swag is not allowed!

  • moosiegirl

    The Lilliputians’ Revenge … ??? … OH, I GET IT! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Handyman Coach

    God, I hate these multicaches. What am I supposed to do with this plastic stake? Now, where the heck is the next one? Transylvania? I hope it’s easier than this one…

  • inchyjworm

    it says here that 20 muggles came here. i wonder why they didn’t steal this cache.

  • inchyjworm

    it says here that 20 muggles came to this cache. i wonder why they didn’t steal this cache?

  • Andrew Turner

    I knew that Paul Bunyan’s first geocache hide would be spectacular.

  • Anonymous

    “I feel back for the DNF I posted last time… it was right in front of me the whole time…”

  • jthomas928

    thats one small step for cacher, one giant leap for cache kind

  • Zig-N-Zag

    As noted on the cache page, the cache also a benchmark.


  • Coopertroopers

    land of the giants cache!

  • Llamow

    Found it! After looking high and low, the elusive pen is found. Now to log this cache!

  • Hrutger

    So, Paul Bunyan is real? And he geocaches?



  • Fabscouter

    The Royal Geocacher of Liliput wondered how he would tell the emperor that the Blefuscudians had managed the FTF of Gulliver’s “Weapons Cache”


  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Dad, but this was the cheapest burial we could find

  • David Marchand

    times like this, i wished i had taken the blue pill, this rabbit hole has everything supersized!!!!

  • Dave Marchand

    Everything here in texas, is big. Don’t mess with Texas, or it’s GeoCaches !!!!!!!!!!!! Ever. if you think the cache is big, think of the animal doing security ???

  • Dave Marchand

    took bathtub, left new working toilet, SL……………TFTH

  • Stargatekatie

    As demonstrated at GeoWoodstock for the 10th anniv. of geocaching, the first muggle-proof cache.

  • Jturriff

    took a travel bug for a vehicle and left a volkSWAGen bug.

  • MindydRN6

    That would be me!

  • MindyRN^

    My mid-life-crisis cache, signed, Napolean.

  • mary-ann

    McDonald’s introduces the new SuperSized geocache.

  • Gui look

    I Think I found it…

    -Gui look-

  • Gui look

    mmm… i think the log book is to small to write Found at this scale!

    -gui look-