Geocaching Evolution – The Themed Multi-Cache

FBZ A.P.E. 51; Stone of the Lost Valley
Near a FBZ cache

The geocaching spectrum runs from the ease of drive-up light pole caches all the way into the dark world of mind-bending themed Multi-Caches.  The geocaches like the “Forbidden Zone Geocaches” (FBZ) around San Diego, California push geocachers to their mental and physical extremes.

It took two years for Jim Epler (SGTF) to create the complex and conspiracy-laden series of seven geocaches.

Jim says FBZ draws inspiration from the Project A.P.E. caches.

Seven caches are hidden in and around San Diego.  The story line for the FBZ geocaches has players assume the role of an agent investigating a link between extraterrestrials and primates, and possibly uncovering plans for an alien invasion.

FBZ Clue/Prop (No animals were harmed in the making of this cache)

Clues and passwords at each cache advance players through the game.  The players must register through the Forbidden Zone Geocache website. The registration is only to keep score.  All the geocaches are available through Geocaching.com.  The first six geocaches do not have to be found in any particular order to uncover coordinates for the final cache.

When asked why he created such an involved geocache, Jim jokingly says, “because I didn’t know any better!”

But he says creating the Multi-Cache was two years well spent: “For me, the fun was in the creative process, not necessarily the end result. I looked at it as an enjoyable hobby which comprises a number of things I like to do including web site development, photography and graphics design, research, prop building, science fiction, storytelling, urban exploration, and hiking.”

The caches were hidden in 2008. More than a dozen geocachers have attempted the series and many completed all seven caches.

FBZ Clue

Jim hopes that people finish the cache without absorbing too much of the conspiracy.  He says, “I hope visitors are able to appreciate the ‘tongue and cheek’ humor which was my foundation for the entire project. I wrote the ‘top secret’ documents from the perspective of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and all the stuff used to support this ridiculous storyline is just one long outrageous spoof.”

What do you think, would you ever attempt a themed Multi-Cache? Have you encountered other caches like this?

  • This is really cool. I love the concept of a story line that spans caches!

  • That is amazing. I want to make one out here in country Australia but I just need a large block of land to do it.

  • Someone from Hannover, Germany

    Should be archived. Requiring registration on an external website is clearly against the guidelines.

    If this is not archived, then Hannopoly caches should be allowed to point geocachers to the hannopoly.de statistics website as well. Especially considering that all Hannopoly caches can be found even without registering there.

    All under the premise that “all cachers are created equal” or course.

  • GrinNoCat

    Check out:

    GCKGF2 Monster

    Looks like one to add to the themed list!

  • TheJJDuo

    I’m sure everyone has read one of those books that are so good that you just can’t stop reading, and can hardly wait to pick it back up again, once you have put it down. This series of APE caches has that same feeling. Each one of the caches in the series (there are 7 total) are incredibly put together, and show an amazing amount of time, creativity, and thought in their “creation”.

    After finding your first one, and seeing firsthand how much fun it was, you will find yourself “hooked”! Each following cache will only capture and amaze you. You may never be able to view a lampost cache the same again!

    But wait! There’s more!…… You can actually get “points” toward a rank (Sargeant,Colonel, Commander,etc) by logging special
    Travelbugs and pieces of memorabilia on a “companion” site. This site is amazing in itself, and just adds to the excitement of journey!

    I highly recommend checking this series out if you are in the San diego area, and are looking for some caches that are very
    rewarding and extremely satisfying. A note: I would recommend 2-3 days to complete the series. All caches are family friendly!
    Happy caching!