10/10/10 – Be Part of a Worldwide Geocaching Record Attempt

10.10.10. - Geocaching under the Hills (GC2G1Jm) Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On October 10th of this year there will be an Event Cache on a Bulgarian hillside, a 10 minute, 10 second Flash Mob near a hotel in Tianjin, China and two geocachers in the United States will even make 10-10-10 their wedding day.

These are just three of more than a hundred geocaching events dotting the globe on 10-10-10.  Geocachers are taking October 10th, 2010 (10-10-10) to celebrate 10 years of geocaching and 10 years of Groundspeak in 2010.  You can join too and make geocaching history.

The geocaching community is attempting to break the record for number of accounts that logged caches in a single day.  Currently that number stands at 56,654.  Even one log on 10-10-10 counts since we are tallying how many accounts log a cache, rather than the number of caches logged.

One 10-10-10 Event Cache will be remembered forever by at least two geocachers.

Vader takes a Bride 10/10/10 @ 10:10:10 (GC2CXX3)

Lord Vader of the Mini Martin Warriors and Nozy RN are taking the 10-10-10 celebration to a new level.  Their 10-10-10 event is titled, “Vader takes a Bride 10/10/10 @ 10:10:10” The Virginia couple is exchanging wedding vows at exactly 10:10:10am on 10/10/10.

Portions of the 10-10-10 worldwide event will be captured in a Lost & Found video. You can play a part in the video clip which will be posted on Geocaching.com and its social media sites.  Take your video camera along on your 10-10-10 adventure.  All you have to do is simply record a ten second clip.

Tell the camera your geocaching name, the location (city, state, country) where you’re geocaching and one sentence about why you chose to geocache on 10-10-10.  Post your short 10-10-10 clip to the Geocaching.com Facebook Page by the end of the day on 10-10-10. Posting your video clip on Facebook grants consent for its use in the Lost & Found 10-10-10 video.  The best clips will make the video.

Currently ten Canadian Provinces, 17 locations in the United Kingdom, more than 40 American states  and even an outpost in Afghanistan are signed up to commemorate 10-10-10 by geocaching. Don’t miss out!  Explore the Geocaching Events Calendar to join an event near you. Log a cache that day and help break a geocaching record.

  • cnpem

    The boys and I found 17 yesterday to help break the record. Good luck everyone. Posted 10-11-10

  • The Spot Crew

    Took my two nephews out yesterday to help set this record. Hope we made a new record.

  • shelter island ted

    My daughters called me and told me about the event. Immediately called fellow cacher and we went out into the wilderness and found a cache we have been meaning to get for about a year now. Sure am happy to be a part of this record breaking event of 10-10-10.

  • We logged 10 caches and celebrated by treating ourselves (it’s our anniversary on the 11th) to a new handheld GPS 🙂

  • Blambson78

    Can’t wait to see the final #!

  • Found mine today. Glad to add to the celebration of life that is Geocaching!

  • Tcontento816

    geocached for 7 hours 10-10-10. Had a great time. I got 12 more. Waiting on those numbers.

  • Backroads

    I found my 110th on 10/10/10 at 10:10 am! What fun to plan all the days and times and to know that so many other cachers were out there doing the same thing!

  • CONGRATS! You helped *SMASH* the previous record for geocaching accounts logging caches in a single day! Afghanistan to Alberta, Canada and everywhere in between. Keep logging your 10-10-10 finds. First hard numbers are expected later on 10-11. Previous record was 56,654. What’s your guess on the new record??? (again – don’t forget to log your 10-10-10 finds!)

  • charliecoe

    Looking around to see if the tally is in. How many people logged yesterday?

  • Dhsviking

    What were the results? Did we break the record? My sons and I logged 3 caches.

  • Ended up doing 10/10/10/10 across the Highway of Heroes(401)….Hope we broke the record

  • Trekman27

    I am guessing around 85000

  • Entwined55

    Really enjoyed being involved in the 10-10-10 event. Am curious to know if we broke the record or not. When will we find out?

  • sanssheriff

    My guess is 151,329 🙂

  • Where do we go to see the final results of the 10-10-10 day?

  • Momma Jean and Poppy

    C’mon guys, it’s gotta be 101,010. That’s my guess!

  • StitchingMouse

    4 of us met together for an early morning cache in the rain in Oregon.

  • Lormd

    Did out best to log one cache. Hope we beat the record. Thanks GeoCaching

  • Scubadude18

    I say 114,79.

  • Coalbranchkid

    Awesome idea!
    Cache On!

  • GuyTas

    We have logged 30 caches… Too bad they only counts the number of accounts who loged!!!

  • Myrmior


  • Record for geocaching accounts to log a cache in a single date… CRUSHED by way way more than 10,000. Log any caches you found on 10-10-10 by Wednesday at 10:10am PDT to be included in the latest tally. (Notice a theme?)

  • SamO.404

    I went for a geocaching trip with my grandma on 10-10-10. I forgot that this event was even going on until we were halfway done. It was like another little surprise between caches! I go on little trips with my grandma a lot in Wisconsin looking for at least 6 caches. I think our record for one day was 12. We just love visiting the little hidden treasures of Wisconsin. I can’t even imagine how bored I would be on a weekend as a high schooler without doing some geocaching!

  • Audarn

    Found 4 caches on a rainy Sunday with 2 0f our family cachers. Wish we had started 10 years ago!
    Thanks, Loveyducks

  • Monterey Company

    Can’t wait to see the final numbers.

  • junkyandjohn

    We managed six, life keeps intervening!

  • Leeadams

    We logged 16 Caches on 10/10/10 – Hope this helps to get the count to at least a million. Team L & V

  • alvarojm

    Where can I see the final number?

  • Tprints

    My Mom (MommyTP) Made 10/10/10 real special by finding her 10,000th Geocache. That’s a lot of 10’s. Way to go Mom!

  • the_irving

    We made it to 10 caches on 10/10/10. Even had his_old_lady log in on one cache (she normally doesn’t log caches we do together), so that the count of cachers would be increased by one.

  • Mimi Pham

    cool 10:00 month=10 ,year -10 its 10-10-10 at 10 o clock

  • XxFortunexX

    Hey,we all want to know how many people where logging on 10.10.2010 🙂
    How long will you give them time to log the caches of the day, is there a tendenz ?
    Maybe next time a official live counter or something would be cool.

    Greets from Germany

  • Gazmag

    I only had the opportunity for one find on 10/10/10 but enjoyed it just the same!! Look forward to seeing the total.

  • hellsbells73

    Out with hubby and we tried for 10 but only found 9 then ran out of time – good day for it though as had lovely sunny afternoon

  • MsMuffet

    Although I was dressed up for a formal Thanksgivng dinner at my brother’s place in Ottawa, had to find one cache to contribute to the day. Fortunately it was an easy urban cache so I didn’t arrive for supper with leaves in my hair!

  • CYBERnard et idaho

    We, CYBERnard et Idaho, made our 10,000th geocache on 10/10/10.

  • Leeadams

    Team L & V Manitoba Canada We Logged 16 caches on 10-10-10 Will be interested in hearing the total for that day.

  • Artanp

    Hello . My son Klevi was born on 10 o clock at 10.10.10 in montreal

  • Chrichy91

    We have found exactly 20 caches on 10/10/10 . Very nice action

    Greetings chrichy