“Cavers Plunge (an extreme cache)” (GCRVXB) GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK November 8, 2010

Decent into "Cavers Plunge (an extreme cache)"

There are just five words in the name of this geocache. It’s the fourth word you should pay attention to most. It’s the word “extreme.” The geocache is rated a terrain five, for a heart-pounding, jaw-dropping reason.

“Cavers Plunge (an extreme cache)” (GCRVXB) challenges experienced and prepared vertical cavers to geocache in the deep recesses of a nearly forgotten Kentucky cave.

Cache owner Moonsovrbend warns this cache is only for the most competent vertical cavers, accomplished at repelling and then ascending  a free-hanging rope.

The cache was published in January of 2006. More then twenty extreme geocachers logged a smiley on the cache and enjoyed the thrill of underground exploration. One geocacher described the cache as “a beautiful experience.” This cache, and many of the most extreme caches, require extensive planning and organization. Cache owners, like Moonsovrbend, are often more than happy to assist in preparation for the cache.

At the bottom of "Cavers Plunge (an extreme geocache)"

Geocaches range from easy to extreme. The rating system for “difficulty” and “terrain” ranges from one star (most accessible) through five stars (most difficult). Be aware of the terrain and difficulty ratings before you attempt a geocache.

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  • -jha-

    Why “free hangig ascent”? I see a wall right next to the rope. And even if: it’s just about 30 metres up. So i don’t actually see the point to call this “extreme”. It looks like “repell, log, ascend”. If you spend more than an hour for this including the rigging, you are doing it wrong.
    Please have a look at real caves!

  • Huskys Team

    Yes, you are right. GC2GGBZ in Germany is a kind like that but 50m of depht and of brashly schiststones.
    Here you have to crawl on your stomach into the entrance for about 5m, than turn arround and stand up with your back to the hole. Here you can attach your ropes to repell. So you will need to have help on th outside to give you an secure. Repell and ascend in complete darkness. With a headup lamp hanging in the middle you can not see top nor bottom.
    So this one here does not look really “extreme”. But ist seems to be funny. If I ever come to the states I probaply will do it.

  • -jha-

    i did not know by heart the WP, but “Weg nach unten” is the one was the one who brought the ropes and did the initial rigging for the owner. So i spent several hours in that pit, including the initial measurement of dept: 55m from the entry point.
    But I do not like that location, because the rocks are not very stable. if you hit the walls, the lose rocks may drop.

    Anyway: even that is not what i would call “extrem”, since there is no second or third challenge included as it would be: expedition at least half a day, severe mud, real wading and/or swimming, lack of space…

  • gipsie

    Hey…that first picture is ME!!! lol… It is truly a great cache!

  • Jthompson0131

    I’ve been down there before. It is a trip!

  • paleolith

    I really hope they are rappelling rather than repelling …… though I have known some of the latter. 😉