Geocaching.com “Action” Challenges – A Sneak Peek

Here’s the latest sneak peak Geocaching Challenges video and more information about this exciting evolution in geocaching. Geocaching Challenges are an innovative new way to experience and share location-based adventures around the world. Groundspeak is anticipating releasing Challenges on Geocaching.com later this week.  Geocaching Challenges will also be available the same via free smartphone apps for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Groundspeak is beginning by launching two types of Challenges: Action and Photo. The video above describes what an Action Challenge is. Additional types of Challenges are slated to be added in the future.

Geocachers will earn smileys for completing a Challenge. The smileys for Challenges will appear  separate from geocaches in user profiles, but will be part of your found/completed count. Geocaching.com Premium Members will be able to create Action and Photo Challenges.


  • This is nice! new way to get outside and discover plenty!

  • Nathalie Griffiths

    Oooh! I like it!

  • Coman123

    Looks like the ALR will not apply to these I guess   LOL

  • Inchyjworm

    I will put out plenty of challenges in Yakima, WA.

  • LG

    These might be interesting to do, but they don’t sound like geocaching to me.

  • Joshism

    How do we prove we completed the challenge?

  • Hiking Seal

    How will these challenges, especially the photo challenges be different than waymarking or is this the beginning of those two sites merging?

  • Nobler

    The new virtual cache?

  • awesome… cannot wait for them to start. Already thinking of some awesome actions! Hope ya like hiking to the top of an 183 foot pyramid!

  • hmmmmmmmm where is the finding a box with the gps idea ??

  • Chapemen

    Don´t like. That´s not geocaching … sorry, I don´t understand this challenges.

  • I think they are the replacement for virtuals.

  • Sounds like waymarking photogoals category! 

  • GOF

    So why was it that GS got rid of ALRs?

  • In what way is this action type challenge different from the Photo challenge or the write a log in the logbook geocache? Aren’t that actions too? How do you prove you have completed it?
    I like the challenge idea, but the different challenge types are very confusing to me.

  • I don’t get it. Are we still playing geocaching??? what is going on? what happened with treasure hunting in the woods as it started 11 years ago???

  • *BaJo*

    This has nothing to do with geocaching.

    If these challenges would not be added to your found count, you will really get an idea how popular this is.

  • “You challenge is to come mow my lawn”.

    I sincerely hope these are going to be regulated somehow, e.g you have to garner a certain # of favorite points in a certain time.

    Otherwise we are back into either the 1. reviewer-decided “wow” factor 2. or ridiculous ALR situations again.

  • …which were banned as they “weren’t geocaching”.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you trust yourself?

  • Anonymous

    …but are being brought back as Challenges because many geocachers think they are.

  • Anonymous

    You can certainly post a challenge like that, but if the system is working right it won’t exist on the web site for too long.

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  • We have a cache that was an ALR (action photo), then we had to add a container (which goes missing regularly due to ‘weather’). Now we can go back to the beginning again by making it an Photo Challenge. It’s a spot tourists love to visit and there is nowhere for a secure cache container so this will fit the bill very nicely. Thanks so much!

  • Foxy216

    Don’t like – that’s not geocaching.

  • Stagunner

    Great, More action shots and challenges for places that , just as Landsharkz says “NO PLACE TO HIDE A CONTAINER” 
    does making sand castles count?

  • Darren V

    I like the idea of only premium members being allowed to create challenges. I think its a good addition to geocaching… I wonder if a climbing a certain mountain would be considered a valid challenge cuz that’d be awesome! 

  • yes, and thank you for that….!

  • haha – good reply!

  • I think that the company that provides the service is the one who is best to define what geocaching is or is not.

  • Skruffymann

    I thought these challenges would be more like xbox live challenges. Like completing a certain # of caches in a day or thing like that 🙁

  • Rschut

    Just add extra challenges to existing caches 😉
    If you have a story cache, extra ‘story’ challenges will add extra fun to your cache.
    Do them if you like, pass them if you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    In this blog entry, it says (asterisks added by me):  “The smileys for Challenges will appear  separate from geocaches in user
    profiles, ***but will be part of your found/completed count.***”

    However, other people seem to be saying that they aren’t included in the total count.  Can you clarify this statement?  Is it a part of our total of all geocaches, or like Benchmarks, will be a separate number that’s given, but not included in the total? 


  • MotorBug

    I liked original virtuals and locationless caches for that matter, but the video clips don’t make it clear for me that these are similar. Challenges look to me like more of a smart phone game than geocaching. Naming them Challenges also makes them confusing, at least to me, with traditional challenges such as the DeLorme, county, fizzy, etc.

     Maybe I don’t get it yet.  I will try and keep an open mind but I just don’t see Challenges as geocaching at this point.

  • WaG!

    Geocaching is well defined (since May 2000 already) and the definition is on the front-page of our favourite website: “Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting
    game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using
    GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.”
    I must say, this is going more towards flash-mobs and has nothing to do with geocaching itself. But may be fun for a few people though.

  • This sounds like a dumb idea to me and I will be surprised it is popular.

  • Anonymous

    Virtual caches were in the early days of geocaching, so this isn’t a new concept.

  • redhead3434

    How is it going to be verified that the challenge was completed?

  • redhead3434

    I still don’t understand how someone can verify that they completed the action. Do they have to upload a video/photo of themselves doing whatever it is or is it on an honor system?

  • HatLat

    Why not have a separate website for this type of thing.  You don’t need a gps.  I am starting to feel an app or two will be needed to use this site pretty soon. 

  • Geohatlat

    I guess I’ll buy a new phone and toss away my cache containers.  So much easier.  Never have to leave my chair really.

  • Rugburn

    I wonder if eating 10 burgers in a row will be valid.