“Geocache” GC40 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – August 15, 2011

One of the first pictures (circa 2001) from GC40 cache page

The oldest active geocache on the European continent, simply called “Geocache” (GC40), has become a magnet for geocachers.  The cache was placed on July 7, 2000 – months before Geocaching.com even existed. The difficulty one, terrain one cache was logged for the first time nine days later.

The location in southern Belgium was chosen because it sits at the confluence of two significant degrees. You’ll have to check the cache page to find out the exact latitude and longitude.

The original description remains on the the cache page. While much changed in the world of geocaching in the past eleven years, this next sentiment hasn’t. The cache page reads, “As the rule says: take something, leave something, write in the log book…” More than 600 adventurers have done just that. They’ve logged smileys on the cache, and hundreds more logs are expected for “Geocache” in the next few weeks.

Tour of geocachers discovering GC40

GeoCoinfest 2011 – Europa is scheduled for August 28 not far from “Geocache” in Cologne, Germany. The largest Geocoin event in the world will attract as many as 4000 geocachers. Organizers are even arranging buses to take geocachers (including Lackeys) to discover “Geocache” and other historic geocaches in the region.

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