Geocaching.com Challenges Coming Soon!

Geocaching.com is excited about introducing “Geocaching Challenges” in the near future. Enjoy this sneak peek at the innovative new way to experience and share location-based adventures around the world on Geocaching.com. More information will be released in the next days. “Geocaching Challenges” is scheduled to launch on Geocaching.com in the next weeks.

[vsw id=”4i2DOZo_67U” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

  • RocksNMud

    Oh boy! This looks like fun! I cannot wait to see what some of these challenges will be!

  • thelostcaribou

    Oh man. I can think of quite a few already!

  • Tlwtsw

    Are we going to be able to change some of the unknown icons to the challenge icon?

  • Lord Damage

    Is this going to be like badges you achieve similar to Pogo, XBox Live’s gamerscore or various MMOs?  That would totally rock because i am always a sucker for those and spend extra time and go out of my way to earn a new one.

  • Nik

    Huh. That video tells absolutely nothing …

  • Gerharddumfart

    looks like new “Virtual”…

  • Tcher_pam

    Excellent!  I’ll share this info with the teachers I’m training about “Geocaching in the Classroom” in two weeks!

  • No – still none the wiser……….. :~)

  • Nice video, which tells us absolutely nothing!!

  • GM :P

    If it doesn’t involve a hike in the woods, it isn’t geocaching.

  • Roadkill103

    I challenge you to produce a video that tells us what this is about.

  • dragon flyer


  • Andy90870

    What I think this video is trying to show is location/photographic geocaching. In other words locating a place or a building or something like that and take a picture of yourself at that location to cach it. I may be completely wrong bit that’s what it kinda looks like

  • Jeepermtj

    Geocaching goes Foursquare, this is not geocaching

  • billfordillman

    Obviously the vidio wasn’t intended to tell us all about the Challenges. It’s message is to tell us that there is a new aspect of Geocaching to be looking forward to and that details will be coming soon. I thought it stated that message well.

  • Awesome! The ability to earn badges while finding caches/taking pics of our travels, pretty cool. Love the potential, there are tons of urban caches as well as ones requiring hikes, so this melds some other reward aspects. Pretty exciting!

  • Laurendrinkard

    I thought it was a great teaser video. Movies sometimes will have teaser trailers. That’s what this is. And it looks to me like a challenge to recreate certain famous pictures or take a picture from a certain angle. Sounds fun to me.

  • Craigmon99

    Could be what the virtuals are gonna be!

  • It’s a nice video but tells us absolutely nothing!!

  • Geolover

    C’mon I wanted to know what this new challenge thing is but after I watched the movie I learned NOTHING!

  • What the hell was that????

  • howarthe

    Looks like waymarking.

  • Bummed

    Sneak peek at what?  Totally worthless.

  • Dirk Kruger

    Awesome! There’s a dude on a bike

  • d.d.dudes

    ……….take a photo then hop on a bike to find someone to kiss……………..hey……….i’m in………..ha

  • Just enough to pique my interest!  Thanks, Groundspeak!  Can’t wait to be Challenged 🙂

  • Caleb R

    I think that’s the point…

  • Edge Creeper

    maybe we have to perform some kinda of action at some kind of location and catch on camera or video???

  • Ermildo

    Is it going to be the assignment of badges in each geocachers profile to mark geocaching achivements ? (badges for the number of caches found, badges depending on the altitude of the highest cache found…..)ps : Sorry for my English 😉

  • Virtuals with a new name is what I reckon!

  • Lexi1805

    I guess this means caches with logging conditions will be back… i hope they give them an extra icon

  • danne

    i like

  • Is this the replacement for virtuals?

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  • Rschut

    Looking forward to the challenges, gonna add extra challenges to my existing caches 🙂

    I see challenges as a great way to enhance the story-experience with hidden-box caches.
    Im kinda oldschool, still want to find a box somewhere 😉

  • Giochetto

    So you aks GC to delete all caches in any city and village and all countrysides that are no forrests? If you are serious the propose this in the feedback section.

  • Anonymous

    There are tons of caches that don’t require a hike in the woods.