Become Trackable on Geocaching.com – Tattoos to Travel Bugs

Trackable Week presents a new story Monday through Friday this week about creative ways to experience Trackables. Geocaching.com Trackables allow people to tag and track an item from location to location. Trackables typically come in three varieties, Geocoins, Travel Bugs® or Promotional Trackables like the “Find the Gecko,” Geico campaign. (Watch a video on Travel Bugs)

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Whether your decision is permanent or a passing phase, becoming trackable on Geocaching.com offers you a new way to interact with the world around you.  Some geocachers choose a Travel Bug tattoo. There’s even a special icon available on Geocaching.com for those with a trackable tattoo.

Click the image to see the story behind this Travel Bug tattoo

Others decide to add a Travel Bug decal to their car, put a Travel Bug on their dog’s collar, or even make themselves trackable. Every Lackey at Groundspeak is trackable. It’s easy. Other geocachers must discover you in person. They enter your unique tracking code on the Geocaching.com Trackables page. They then log their discovery and often leave fun and entertaining log entries.

CSavvy recently made himself trackable. He discovered geocaching about two years ago. He’s an Australian sound technician and frequently travels to record natural sounds. He enjoys geocaching because he says, “I love being in the outdoors. I am very outgoing and love an adventure. Geocaching is the perfect sport for me as it’s exactly that – an adventure!!”

CSavvy spoke with Geocaching.com about becoming trackable and sent in the video below. You can get clues about where CSavvy might be next on his Savvy The Trackable Sound Guy Travel Bug page.

Geocaching.com: What inspired you to become a Travel Bug?

SAVVY: ” I Thought it would be a great way to track my adventures while also meeting fellow geocachers and making new friends along the way. And because I work in television and always out recording sound at various locations for TV shows, it’s also a chance for my fellow geocachers to get a look “Behind the scenes” of TV production as not many people get to see that side of things.”

Geocaching.com: Will there be any clues as to your next location?

SAVVY: ” I can mainly be found around Adelaide in South Australia and also Mount Barker which is in the Adelaide Hills…..But I do travel around the country (Australia) sometimes, so I could pop up anywhere! To make it a bit more easy for people to locate me while I am out and about, I will be posting clues of my location on the TB page on Geocaching.com and I have also set up a Facebook Page where fellow Geocachers can follow me.”

Geocaching.com: What advice do you have for those considering becoming a Travel Bug?

SAVVY: “My advice would be…..get out into the great outdoors…..travel, see places and meet people, and make yourself easy to find. I am easy to spot, as I carry around a big fluffy microphone and also have a big audio bag strapped to my waist! I am also never too far away from a broadcast camera!!!”

See CSavvy’s video here:

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