The End of the World [Sagres] GC12CRJ – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 6, 2011

'End of the World"

The southwest most cache in Europe takes geocachers to what might seem like the end of the world.

The cache page shows an image of the hazy blue ocean horizon  beyond the edge of the cliff and reads, “The pictures really tell the story, so there’s not really anything else to say. Just go there and experience it for yourself.”

More than 1000 geocachers have taken the advice and logged, “End of the World [Sagres]” (GC12CRJ).

The difficulty 1.5, terrain two traditional geocache was placed by funkymunkyzone in 2007.  The cache owner warns people to use caution and be especially careful when there are high winds.

Geocachers traveling to log “End of the World” discover a lighthouse with beacon so bright it can be seen as far as 60 kilometers out to sea. The cache site also sits at the crossroads of history. Battles at sea raged just off the coast, pirates plundered settlements here and an earthquake shattered buildings. The current lighthouse was built over the ruins of a Franciscan convent.

"End of the World"

The geocache has earned more than 80 Favorite Points. A geocacher who logged the cache wrote, “Very beautiful (and windy) place and our most western cache so far! Because of the good weather and the great view, there are many muggles in this area, so we had to be fast.”

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  • funkymunkyzone

    Thanks for choosing our cache for the geocache of the week! :-)

    It really is an awe-inspring spot – blows us away whenever we visit – and there are a lot of other great spots to visit around the area as well.  Words and photos here just don’t do it justice, so you really do need to visit and experience it for yourself.

    Hopefully this post will inspire more people to travel to the south of Portugal and visit the many great caches there!


  • BigFurryMonster

    This is NOT the southwestmost cache in Europe.

    It is the southwestmost cache on the EU mainland.

  • snakelion

    Well done fmz!!!!

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  • Tom

    So, what is the southwestmost cache in Europe?

  • funkymunkyzone

    Thanks, mate!  Looking back, this was our 5th hide! (out of now over 240) :)

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  • Nick Van Bael

    If done this one last week , he’s very nice!