Presents: “Geocaching Without GPS”

[Editor’s note: This video contains spoilers and was filmed with cache owner permission.]

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Ed Scott

Ed Scott (edscott) admits, “I’m sort of obsessed with maps.”  The Pennsylvania, USA geocacher discovered more than 2,500 geocaches using only maps, aerial photos and his wits. Watch Presents: “Geocaching Without GPS” to see how edscott geocaches without using a GPS device.

He says, “In the beginning I preferred to do it this way. Then after that it became, well, people expect me not to have a GPS. So that’s what I’ll keep on doing.”  The geocacher does use a GPS device occasionally, but says he’ll never use a GPS device 100% of the time.

Ed using a compass and a map will continue to release new thrilling and educational English, Czech and German language geocaching videos each month.

The next Present video to be released will be “The 2011 Geocaching Year in Review.” What do you think should be included in the year in review? What are your personal geocaching highlights?

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