Geocaching.com Presents: “Geocaching Without GPS”

[Editor’s note: This video contains spoilers and was filmed with cache owner permission.]

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Ed Scott

Ed Scott (edscott) admits, “I’m sort of obsessed with maps.”  The Pennsylvania, USA geocacher discovered more than 2,500 geocaches using only maps, aerial photos and his wits. Watch Geocaching.com Presents: “Geocaching Without GPS” to see how edscott geocaches without using a GPS device.

He says, “In the beginning I preferred to do it this way. Then after that it became, well, people expect me not to have a GPS. So that’s what I’ll keep on doing.”  The geocacher does use a GPS device occasionally, but says he’ll never use a GPS device 100% of the time.

Ed using a compass and a map

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  • Cream1soda

    Thank you! I heard a lady telling a group that you could not go Geocaching without a gps. She got mad when I said “yes you can” Sure hope she watches this video!

  • NH

    We have a couple here in Oregon that don’t use a GPS either. chamois-shimi & special K. I don’t see how you guys can do it, I have a hard enough time WITH a GPS…lol

  • gui look

    I go geocaching with my dad and he has his phone with a GPS… when i go on field trips and to places on my own with friends i don’t have a GPS so i have the geocaching app on my iPod… get some maps and since the GPS on iPod 2nd gen is C**p i use a compass over my iPod maps… :p its fun and works great!
    like the movie!

  • Coolrain82

    I met someone in a geocaching scavenger hunt (hosted by molly) that can geocache without any device.

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  • Isabelle

    My husband and I only recently discovered geocaching but we’re absolutely hooked! We do all of our geocaching without a GPS device, as we don’t own anything that technologically advanced between us. Sure, our hit rate is only about 65% and looking for some types of cache e.g. those hidden in forests is really difficult, but for us, therein lies the challenge. Plus we see far more of our surroundings than we would if we were focused on a GPS device. Planning a trip involves a lot of research and drawing maps, but it’s definitely worth it!

  • Bella Anne

    Haha that’s awesome!! But what do you mean by : like in the movie?
    what movie!?! 🙂 thxxx

  • tim powers

    Have found 1000 cahes and logged 1000 trackables without using agps or any other device(cell phone)


  • noGPSnoMaps

    For all the purists, the real trick is finding geocaches without a GPS and also without a map or looking any geocache locations up. That means you have to come across them by chance because you are an inquisitive person truly immersed in your outdoor surroundings.

  • Alvater

    I started with map caching because I did not have a smartphone or GPS and free online maps were available. They showed roads, paths, contours, houses, water, and such things. I never printed them but I made notes on scrap paper. I was often careless with it which led into not finding and I had to return home to fill in my notes. I went 100 % by landmarks for I do not have compass although I should know how to use it. This far I’ve only searched caches that are easily found with a good notes.

    I’ve since got my hands on a smartphone and I use that for caching but sometimes that electronic thing feels like nuisance. Caching with map notes gave me more despite my continuous errors with my notes because I had to pay attention to my surroundings and I think I have become better at reading maps. Following a dot on the screen is boring and a piece of paper is easier to carry (and hide) than a heavier water-shy device.