Groundspeak Weekly Mailer– January 4, 2012

Teach Someone about Geocaching in 2012

Each New Year, millions of people around the world resolve to change something in their lives.

Common resolutions include: getting in shape, stressing less, traveling more, and spending more time with family. You can put someone on the road to accomplishing all these things simply by introducing them to geocaching.

If you are an educator, group leader, or facilitator, consider introducing geocaching to your group. Not only will they have fun going on an outdoor treasure hunt, but they will also learn about teamwork, problem-solving, navigation, and more along the way.

Visit our new Geocaching and Education page to read more on how to engage groups through geocaching.

  • authorized users

    We will definitely utilize the resources found on the Geocaching and Education page when we teach our Geocaching courses this spring!  Thanks for putting everything in one place!  We hope this page grows with information!

  • Geocachergirl09

    Amen amen I agree with that!

  • Agonistes

    President (and founder) of my college’s Geocaching club. :]