Geocaching.com Leap Day Updates

More than 70,000 geocachers from around the world celebrated Leap Day by stepping outside for a GPS-powered treasure hunt. Their motivation was an opportunity that comes once every four years — going geocaching on February 29. They joined friends and family to explore the world around them, exercise, and earn a digital reward. The Leap Day goal was ambitious. Geocachers rallied to double the number of accounts – 36,696 – that logged geocaches last Leap Day in 2008.

Here are the latest numbers:

Current Accounts w/Logged Caches: 83,516!


GOAL: 73,392

Updated: 2:30 pm PST – March 7, 2012

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See a Leap Day geocaching adventure – watch the new video below

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  • Navychief98

    I have an event scheduled but now we have a MAJOR winter storm bearing down on us. The weather man is calling for 10-16 inches of snow with winds ranging from 25-45 miles per hour.

  • Liz

    I am sure that the leap day will be the new record day in the number of users that found a cache on that day!! 🙂

  • Hannah

    It’s 1am in the UK and the K9 and I have just got back from our leap-day event – it started on the stroke of midnight. We were lucky that the weather was mild and dry as it was outdoors on a country lane.

  • Pippafrance06

    Well tonight i went To Hell With The Devils my very first meet.really enjoyed it. some very kind person made a lovely cake. just as we were having a group photo west yorkshire helicopter xray99 did a fly past.i bet they were wondering what all these people were doing on this country lane at midnight. great turn out. time to get to sleep i think. thanks for the leap year event

  • navychief98

    I went out at midnight and found J&C (GC2XE45) with spd2662 and elvenferretOTS … We had an awesome time on this treasure hunt … The exciting part was seeing my new souvenir pop up when I made my log in the field … I can’t wait for my event tonight … I love Geocaching!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping for the impending snowstorm to close school to go out in the morning. Later in the evening, I’m hosting an event and presenting a special gift to attendees completing their calendar grid at the event, and then closing up the evening by taking attendees out for a Leap-Day themed cache.

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  • Lisa Slinsky

    I finished my 366 grid with a couple of quick caches at 6 AM this morning,  before getting on the train to go to work. 

  • Toshack61

    where and how do you recieve the digital recognition(souvenir) ?

  •  Go out, find and log a geocache, or log your attendance at a Geocaching Event on Leap Day. The souvenir will be awarded to your profile.

  • Geocachers leap at opportunity to check Feb. 29 off list

    By Tony Gonzalez, The (Nashville) Tennessean

    Read the story at:

  • CONGRATS! We just beat last Leap Day’s total of 36,696 accounts that logged caches on Feb 29th 2008. Here’s to doubling that number in 2012!  

  • LuvliEyes_20

    We (MarBilA) went out and did 30 caches today! Was a beautiful day to be out enjoying the outdoors.

  • TxStrawberryCreek

    Filed a field note from (GMT-6) time zone at 5am today. When I did the log, the date came up as the 28th. Went back and edited the log to reflect correct date of the find. What time zone is a given field note based upon? It would have been 3am on the 29th in Seattle, or 11am GMT on the 29th. And is this the reason why, six hours after filing the log, I still don’t have the souvenir on my page?

  • dragon flyer

    Hope someone’s patented those dimples for him!

  • Fruehling38

    Next update scheduled before 10:00 am – February 30, 2012 …. LOL

  • Rynee

    Just to be sure completely delete the log and relog it with correct date

  • Bobby Simpson

    GOAL: 73,392

    Updated: 9:40 pm PST – February 29, 2012 Next update scheduled before 10:00 am – February 30, 2012
    Are we having a double leap year this year?
    Next update February 30th?????? I think not.

  • Cashleigh

    I’m going to be the first to get a cache on February 30th!!!!!!!!

  • sldh

    Double leap year, I like that 😉

  • Erik S

    In Sweden we had February 30th in 1712. We’re crazy like that! 🙂

  • Kiddylan

    February 30?

  • One extra day of caching is never enough for some people, right?

  • Klipsch49er

    If we can cache on Feb 30 we really deserve a souvenir!

  • What happened here can be explained by the show “Fringe”.  That was Groundspeak from the “other side”.  This means there exists a whole other reality in which I’ve yet to log a cache find!  I can’t wait until I get a souvenir for doing THAT!

  • Anonymous

    Woo-Hoo! We got ours!

  • Jeep_n_fire

    I logged an event on the 29th but didn’t receive the souvenier.  Any suggestions?

  • Ron

    Can you tell us please how many caches were logges by the 77,465 accounts?!

  • Yeah Ron – There were more than a quarter million geocaches/events logged on Leap Day!