Geocaching.com Caption Contest 32 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION: “Got the cache, but I'm probably gonna have to slice open the tauntaun if I am going to survive the night.” -DrJay Geocacher

Enter a caption to win a ‘barely coveted prize’ in the 32nd installment of our Geocaching.com Caption Contest. This picture was originally posted on the official Geocaching.com Facebook page.

Barely coveted prizes

As you can see, winter still has a hold on much of the geocaching world. That’s not stopping hearty geocachers from braving the snow, ice, and wind to log smileys.

What caption would you write for the picture at the top of this post? “If you find this cache please bring a hairdryer to defrost that last geocacher.”

Submit your caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your Geocaching.com username in all entries. Then, explore the captions other geocachers have posted.

You’re encouraged to try to ‘influence’ the voting process (*nudge*nudge*). “Like” the caption that you think should win. If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends, and family to “like” your caption. Lackeys vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

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The winner receives these, ‘barely coveted prizes’ you see above. They’re two pins from Geocaching.com.

More than two dozen Lackeys voted to award the winner of the 31st Geocaching.com Caption Contest a barely coveted prize. It was also winter-themed. Click on the image at right to discover the winning caption from the last Geocaching.com Caption Contest.

Explore all the past winning captions by checking out all the Geocaching.com Caption Contests. If you have suggestions for Geocaching.com Caption Contest photos, send a message and the image to pr@groundspeak.com.

  • Don’t mind me, im just chillin! – evan817

  • Brandon Fong

    Can’t believe there’s a cache right across the street from my house!

  • Gundark2000

    First to find??  I might end up the LAST to find….TILL SPRING!!

  • Gospodyina

    Well, it beats ticks.

  • hndlbr aka paul murter

    at least I’ll be able to find my way back.

  • Bigcovert

    maybe I should leave the coordinates for my toes? And maybe my leg that just fell off. One star difficulty my ass.

  • “That’s the Great Northwest for you, when I started looking for this one it was just raining, then all of a sudden complete whiteout, but I found it!” -blackhawkmac

  • I thought these things AREN’T supposed to be buried! (kevnbri)

  • bergbluemchen

     what really happended to Ötzi …

  • Mole60

    I’m an all-season geocacher!

  • Anonymous

    Cache Attributes:
         – Winter Friendly   – Yes
         – Significant Hike   – Yes
         – Sherpa Guide      – Vital


  • zargfinders

    I forgot my pen, so I’m putting a bit of snow in the cache. Everyone will know who’s found it!!!

  • Randy Sanner

     I hope there are hand warmers in this…

  • Scottish Cavalryman

    WHAT??? Someone got FTF 17 minutes ago?

    – Scottish Cavalryman

  • I’m not using the logbook to start a fire, (NO WAY) – goodbye caching buddies! ***Geodanieldxb***

  • They told me geocaching would be ‘fun in the sun.’

  •  cacher landy49

  • Band of Seekers

    Walked straight to it from the parking lot – this is definitely NOT a 4/3!

  • Rae Family

    What were those winter survival sayings? Hug A Stump? Hug A Lamp Post? Hug A Geocache?

  • davidisthebest

    Quick find here on a beautiful spring day here in Canada
    Looks like summer is coming quickly!!!! 

  • Turner97_32

    Could have at least included the attribute NON-WINTER FRIENDLY!!

  • CSavvy

    Thank god it was not cammo’ed white!!

    Geocacher “CSavvy”

  • 2 old coots

    Hey cool another locking cache, and with only 50 keys sweet  

  • KMCRVGeocaching

    Snow Caching at it’s Best Baby, now that is a 5/5!

  • Mr. J

    Im glad I didnt bring my girlfriend for this 5/5 cache  (Mr. J)

  • Rocka*Rolla

    “Man, I thought those muggles would *never* leave…!”

  • Rocka*Rolla

    (Geocaching name is “Rocka Rolla”, from Canada…  We did this just last week in the Rockies, but didn’t see any muggles…)

  • ThePEEJ

     First to Freeze.

  • ThePEEJ

     Never mind, I just scrolled down and realized that had been taken.  OK, here is my second attempt.

    “Cache name — Inside the Frigidaire, the adventures of Slushy and Slurpee.”

  • deranja

    Hint: a nano inside a cotton ball

  • gac077

    Geocaching – A new Winter X games sport!

  • Just Caching some snow 

  • Found it!!!  Took 5hrs, but I found it.  Stupid snow.  You thought you could stop me.

  • hannah&thegang

    “FOUND IT”… No wait, thats just my foot, keep digging!       

  • Patrik Brunner

    Damn, where are the promised batteries for the FTF ? …need them to find home…  — keenonkites

  • gac077

    Johnny:  “I found a Starfish Travelbug inside”  

    Johnny’s Dad reading:   “Goal: “I like to travel to exotic beaches all around the world!”

    Johnny:  “Can we keep him!” 

  • Here is my Geocaching Nail Design !! Hope you enjoy it 😉

  • Nautilus7497

    I didnt know my nail theropist was a geo-cacher, until just now, so I paid her in geo-coins…

  • Kerry bowers

    if its a note in this cache saying never eat yellow snow im going to scream XD

  • Oops, posted to wrong pic