Mumbles Lighthouse Island GC2A4TB GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – May 7, 2012

Mumbles Lighthouse Island

Tracking down this geocache requires tracking the tides off the U.K. coast. The traditional geocache is located on an island. Mumbles Lighthouse Island (GC2A4TB) is only accessible by foot during low tide. A sturdy lighthouse has crowned the island for more than two hundred years.

Geocachers unlock the history of Mumbles lighthouse island as they search for the difficulty 1, terrain 3 cache. According to the cache page, “[The lighthouse] was designed to alert passing ships of the dangerous Mixon Sands and Cherry Stone Rock – two massive undersea sand banks that have caused the destruction of countless ships and taken the lives of hundreds of seamen over the centuries.”

The small plastic container was hidden on the island by golden pig in 2010.  Since then, more than 300 geocachers have logged “Found it” for “Mumble Lighthouse Island.” It’s earned more than 100 Favorite Points.

Hiking across the tidal flats toward the cache

Those who log the cache say, “The tide was right so off we went. Loved exploring out here, can see why this had so many favourite points and about to have another one. TFTC.”

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Mumbles Lighthouse Island