Accessible Geocaching – Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – June 20, 2012

One of the greatest things about geocaching is that anyone with a GPS-enabled device can participate in the activity. Whether you are a parent with young children, an extreme sports fanatic, or an individual with a disability, there are geocaches designed with you in mind.

As a Cache Owner, you can help fellow geocachers determine whether your cache is a good fit for their needs. Simply add attributes to your cache listing. Attributes are icons that indicate what to expect on the geocache journey and at the cache location. “Recommended for kids,” “climbing gear required” and “wheelchair accessible” are just a few of the dozens of attributes.

Cache Owners who are planning to add the “wheelchair accessible” attribute to their cache page or are debating whether their cache deserves a 1-star, 1.5-star, or 2-star terrain rating should check out handicaching.com. As you can see from this video, just because the ground is flat does not necessarily mean that a geocache is wheelchair accessible. Handicaching.com will help you determine the accessibility of your cache based on five factors: distance to cache, route surface, route slope, route obstructions, and cache height. When in doubt, mark the terrain rating as 1.5 stars and explain the details on your cache page.

The ability to rate caches based on accessibility is not limited to Cache Owners; everyone can help. All geocachers are welcome to contribute their input at handicaching.com. Thank you for your efforts to make geocaching more accessible for all!

  • Hey, are the second and fifth symbol new and what’s the meaning of them ?

  •  You got a glimpse into *possible future icons. No telling on what they might mean. Guesses?

  • Sivota

    Being handicapped myself I appreciate it very much that Groundspeak and cache owners are taking the effort to pay attention to Accessible Geocaching and accessible caches.
    I would like you to consider this: Please don’t use the “wheelchair accessible” icon if your route is perfect, but I can not reach the cache in the end.
    Maybe this can be added to the description of the icon too, because this mistake is often made.
    Thank you…

  • Great post.  I did not know there was a whole organization like Handicaching. When I see terrain difficulty of 1, I always think it should be wheelchair accessible (I must have read that somewhere) and often they are not.  I know a short walk up a curb and across 5 yards of grass is not hard for most of us, but it’s certainly not accessible to everyone, so it should get a rating of at least 1.5.