The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race

Join the race to the 2013 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle, Washington. Enter a Travel Bug® meeting the requirements below into the “The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race” bin by the Geocaching Museum at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party.

Start and Finish: Groundspeak Headquarters http://coord.info/GCK25B





One  new Travel Bug entry per Geocaching.com username

Name your TB: GBP2013 (Your TB Name)

Race Limit: 200 Travel Bugs

On your Travel Bug page include the text:

“This Travel Bug (insert name of TB) is racing in the The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013                                             Travel Bug Race. This TB must travel at least 2013 miles before returning to Geocaching.com HQ.Please             move to another geocache to meet its goal of (insert specific goal). Thank you!”

Travel Bugs will be simultaneously released into the Geocaching.com HQ cache following the Geocaching Block Party. Updates on The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race will be updated on the official Geocaching.com Blog “Latitude 47”

All Travel Bugs must travel a minimum of 2013 miles before being eligible for prizes

All Travel Bugs must return to the HQ prior to the 2013 Geocaching Block Party to be eligible for prizes


Fastest TB back to HQ (after traveling the minimum mileage)

TB with the most mileage

TB to travel to the most countries

TB with the best picture*

TB with the best log entry*

TB with the most geocachers who moved the TB

TB with the most creative Hitchhiker (item the TB is attached to)


Prizes: Each winner receives a great grab bag of Geocaching.com swag and merchandise



  • Egnix

    Does it have to be a travel bug or can it be any trackable?
    Also, do we need to “drop” it in the HQ cache before the race begins?

  • Can we take part even if we are not going to the Block Party??

  • I think anyone should be able to participate….even if we can’t make it to groundspeak headquarters…as long as we set them free on that day, and they travel 2013 miles and make it back to Groundspeak….I think we should be able to! I’m setting mine free….with or without there permission:) Who’s with me:)

  • I attended the Block Party today and entered the race! Rah piglet, run south and don’t get eaten! Stay away from the big bad wolf!

  • Bigguy In Texas

    Howdy! Is there a list of the participating travel bugs?