Vytah – GC3A6Y9 – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – August 20, 2012

A vintage elevator near the cache

The Geocache of the Week is sure to lift geocachers up – literally!

Vytah (GC3A6Y9), or “elevator”  is a difficulty 2, terrain 1.5 traditional cache located in Jihomoravsky kraj, Czech Republic.

The small cache container has been sitting on private property, with the land owner’s permission, since January 2012. Over the last 8 months, 625 geocachers have taken the time to log this cache and award it 227 Favorite Points.

berx.cz placed the geocache to showcase how the design of an elevator influences the retrieval of the cache container. The cache page provides significant insight to the purpose of an elevator, what it consists of, and how it works. Each of these factors provide small clues that could aid geocachers in their search for and retrieval of the cache.

The Vytah logbook

Berx.cz explains, “I love technical toys and I like a challenge. I wanted an urban cache that you’d have to put a little bit of thought into in order to find it. I was highly inspired by elevators when I came up with the idea for this cache.”

In order to avoid spoilers, berx.cz encourages geocachers not to take pictures exactly at the cache location.

One geocacher logging the visit says, “This is really the best, very creative, and very well executed cache! If I could, I would award this clever hide 10 points!  Hesitation to visit this cache is a mistake.”

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The elevator machine that inspired the cache