Shop Geocaching September Newsletter

Arrh!  Always searching for Treasure!

For geocachers and pirates alike, searching for treasure never ends!  Like many geocachers in the community, we appreciate the fun connection the two share.  We’ve recently added some fun new items to our “Pirate Collection” including a Cool Cloth Bandana, a Signal Pirate Geocoin and tattoos!  See the rest of the collection here!

What’s New!

The original Limited Edition Cache Dragons coin was so popular that we’ve decided to release a Black Nickel version of the coin (also Limited Edition).  The first batch sold out in 11 days, so get yours today!  We’ve also recently added two new Energizer Flashlight options to our night caching collection.  Also for those Geocoin collectors out there, we’ve released the 2012 version of the Groundspeak Lackey Geocoin as well as the 2012 Mega Event Tour Geocoin.  If you attended a Mega Event, you’ll definitely want to get one of these great coins!  Check these out and more in our What’s New section!


Trackable Week

How far has the furthest active Trackable traveled? Who’s moved the most Trackables? And who’s taking part in the Great 2013 Geocaching Block Party Travel Bug Race? Watch the official blog, Latitude 47, for the answers to these questions and more during Trackable Week. See new incredible stories of Trackables Monday through Sunday from September 17 through the 23. Explore the creative ways to experience Trackables and share your stories about Trackables Geocoins, Travel Bugs® or Promotional Trackables.  You’ll also be able to take advantage of deals on never before seen Trackables, and a limited time special discount off Trackables this week only (available on Shop Geocaching and with participating vendors).

Last Chance Items

Looking for some great deals?  You might want to keep an eye on our “Last Chance” section of the website.  This is a great place for finding great deals on discontinued items.

Are you located outside the United States?

For orders outside the United States, please visit our International Distributors list. They feature many of the same listings in our shop as well as unique geocaching items of their own.

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