What the CLUCK? – GC3K9TV – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 3, 2012

The cache hunt starts with the chicken statue

So, why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Geocache of the Week, of course!

What the CLUCK? (GC3K9TV) is a difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 traditional cache located just outside of Newburg, Wisconsin.

Inspired by a 10-year-old geocacher who raises chickens for 4-H – a youth development organization, the cache quickly became a favorite among local cachers since it was created in May.

Cache owner Stewzoo1 explains, “When you first drive up, the statue of the chicken is on opposite side of the road. You go to it thinking that it is the cache but soon learn it isn’t. When you turn around, you get a clear shot of the cache box across the street.  This still is not the cache, but a container holding cups of chicken treats (there is a note inside the box saying that this is to keep the natives happy and they still must find the log container). The container is located around the corner at the front of the coop. They must walk around, feeding the chickens in order to get to the cache.”

The chickens now love it when geocachers visit, because they know that they’re going to get fed every time a car pulls up.

Chickens on a mission to get their treats

With 42 logged visits and 25 Favorite Points over a course of three months, this cache gives local geocachers something to talk about. In fact, What the CLUCK? made for quite the conversation at the West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2012 Mega-Event.

One geocacher who logged this creative find says, “Instant favorite point! This cache made me smile. I was like, ‘OMG, they’re real!’ And then we had fun laughing at the crazy sounds some of them made, and feeding them, and then looking at all the different varieties. Thanks for introducing cachers to your chickens and chickens to the geocachers… I imagine they probably have similar conversations as us, like ‘Look at that silly cacher with the hat and sunglasses!’ haha TFTC!”

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Keeping the natives happy