Liebesbrücke – GC2EJCE – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – OCTOBER 4, 2012

Love bridge lock

Love locks are a romantic symbol of true love: Walk across a bridge with your sweetheart, affix a lock scrawled with your names to the structure, and then toss the key into the river below.

This tradition is said to have originated in Italy many years ago, but few bridges are as popular or as decorated with love locks as the Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne (Köln), Germany. Situated on the Liebesbrücke (GC2EJCE), or “love bridge,” geocachers have fallen in love with this difficulty 3, terrain 1.5 micro Geocache of the Week.

Fascinated by the thousands of love locks that are legally placed to add a little glitter to a bridge that is otherwise gritty and dull, Huelva decided to add a love lock for all Premium Member geocachers who love the hobby.

One geocacher writes, “I find that many premium-only caches tend to be especially creative and very unique. This one falls nothing short of that. It was almost freaky how many locks there are to be found. This was a clever hide and it blends in quite nicely with the rest of the love locks. Lots of locks, lots of love. What a wonderful idea!”

Love bridge logbook

More than 3,200 geocachers have logged a “Found it” and awarded it nearly 730 Favorite Points. With Geocaching.com’s request, Huelva has agreed to temporarily grant access to basic members for an opportunity to view and find this popular geocache.

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  • emonty 0001

    There is one just like this in Austria that I found last June.

  • This one was one of my first caches I found 🙂

  • Lord Diggler

    I didn’t find it till now. But i will try to find it. A nice Place with a fantastic view.

  • martin.simek

    I love this cache > we have HQ in Köln (nkt cables) and I like geocaching in Cologne 😉

  • martin.simek

    add: I found the cache in 1h last year and I was not able to find again with my friends 1/2 a year after 😉

  • Travelling Jack

    I found this cache exactly two years ago – 2010-10-04. Nice coincidence!

  • Hab ihn schon 😉

  • Marvin Anthony

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