Awaken the Leviathan – GC2QK8W – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 1, 2012

Shh…don’t wake the monster

Brace yourself! Because to log this Geocache of the Week, we’re going to come face-to-face with an ancient monster of the sea.

Awaken the Leviathan (GC2QK8W) is a difficulty 2.5, terrain 5 Multi-Cache located on the most southern tip of Cape Town, South Africa.

This cache is only accessible given the right sea and tide conditions and is best attempted during a spring low tide. Even under the best conditions, the journey to this cache is fraught with peril and past adventurers advise taking the utmost caution.

By attempting to log this cache, geocachers agree to undertake a mission of extreme importance: to determine once and for all whether or not the myth of the great Leviathan is true.  The local lighthouse keeper has allegedly spotted a foul and rank-smelling beast slithering on the rocks far below the cliff top. Is this monster real?

To find out, geocachers must brave the sea, traverse slippery rocks, edge their way along a cliff, and finally enter a cave that is home to the beast itself. Less than 30 geocachers have actually dared to embark on this epic journey since the creation of the cache in March of 2011. One of those brave geocachers is Chris, a.k.a. SawaSawa. Chris was so impressed with this cache that he decided to nominate it.

View from inside the cave

He says, “It is a terrain 5 rating and thus potentially mentally and physically challenging due to the extreme location and the elements of danger involved – in the form of narrow cliff ledges and dangerous incoming tides. In fact, I had a sleepless night before doing the cache as my mind ran through the route we would have to follow to reach GZ. On the route back I had a few heart-stopping moments negotiating the cliff ledge.”

He goes on to explain that paddawan, the cache owner, is “renowned in South Africa by those who have found his caches as one of the most ingenious and prolific hiders of caches, which garner numerous favorite points. He therefore well deserves further recognition for his wonderful efforts of which this cache is one of the finest examples.”

Chris isn’t the only awe-struck geocacher. As one geocacher logging the find put it, “Exhilarating! We feel very proud of the courage caching has given us. The beast was rumbling and grumbling. But on hands and knees by the light of our lantern, we found what we were looking for, completed formalities and escaped before he could turn nasty. Thank you for an awesome experience!”

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Slippery walk along a cliff