Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Muerte en Caesaraugusta

This week’s Adventure Lab® Spotlight, Muerte en Caesaraugusta, turns the clock all the way back to the year 65 AD and transports explorers to the ancient Roman Empire. As you explore Roman ruins in Zaragoza, Spain, you’ll take on the role of a detective looking for information about the mysterious death of a local duumvir, the Latin word for magistrate. This Adventure is perfect for anyone who loves puzzles and mysteries, or enjoys getting swept up in the history of ancient empires.

The sequential Adventure begins at the Teatro de Caesaraugusta. Today it is an archaeological site that visitors can explore, but in the 1st century AD it was a bustling cultural venue that could seat as many as 6,000 people. In the narrative of the Adventure, this is the place where the body of the magistrate was found. To complete the Location and move on in your investigation, you must find a certain secret phrase.

Image by kaob27.

After your investigation of the theater, the Adventure will bring you to the remains of public baths, a Roman river port, and more. The scale of the carefully preserved archaeological sites make it easy to imagine what a walk through this part of the Roman Empire might have looked like.

Image by Bat_Girl.

The Locations of this walk through the Roman ruins of Zaragoza are close to each other, but you might find that completing the Adventure takes more than an hour or two. The Adventure’s creator, Zascandiles, explains in the Adventure’s description that it could take a fair amount of time to correctly answer the questions for each Location, and says that the Adventure is well-suited to players who have more experience with Mystery Caches.

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Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.