Guard Against Zombie with Geocaching Gear

The Geocacher’s Guide to Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

We’ve all seen the movies where the undead (slowly… very slowly) walk the earth. A zombie outbreak could happen at any time. It’s best to be prepared. Those uneven footsteps crunching through the leaves behind you might be your first sign of the next zombie attack. As a geocacher, you’re already on your way to being prepared. We’ve compiled a list of 13 essentials to survive a zombie outbreak.

Use a Trackable Travelers Walking Stick to avoid that cliché trip and fall when you’re fleeing from a hoard of zombies. Keep the sun, rain, and sweat out of your eyes with The Real Deal Hat. You’ll be able to scan the barren streets for teeth-gnashing ghouls with ease. And let’s not neglect your geocaches. The Mighty Mega Cache Container is waterproof, crush-proof and conveniently -zombie proof.

Whether you’re on the run from the multiple moaning zombies, or chasing down a Multi-Cache Shop Geocaching has you covered. For orders outside the United States click here.