Here are 9 Geocaching Tools – What Else Should You Pack?

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Nine pieces of important geocaching gear

Whether you’re geocaching in a park or grabbing a T5 from a rappel, having right tools may be the difference between a smiley and a DNF. In fact, thanks to some clever geocache hiders, some geocaches may require certain tools to be found. The tools in the photo above are some of our favorites that help make geocaching easier and more fun. Here’s a look at 9 essentials for your geocaching pack (smartphone with Geocaching App and/or GPS device not included):

1) Flashlight

2) Spare batteries (occasionally used to power motors that open geocaches)

3) Camera – Don’t forget to post your photos on our Facebook page

4) Utility tool – this also includes a tweezers to remove log books from micro caches

5) Pen – often best to bring more than one

6) A log roller – use this to help re-roll logs for micro caches

7) A magnetic pen – sometimes metal geocaches hide in hard to reach locations

8) Swag – bring this along to place in geocaches after you’ve found them

9) A retractable mirror – a smart geocachers tool for looking under benches


geocaching gear suppli
Even more geocaching gear

The funny thing is, when you ask people at Geocaching HQ for essential geocaching gear, sometimes… okay, all the time, there’s always even more gear. So here are four more pieces of gear geocachers at HQ use out on the trail. And if you’re a shorter geocacher or just need to extend your range a little – number 1 might be perfect for you.

1) Grabber thing – it really works!

2) Headlamp – Free up your hands for searching

3) UV light – This is mostly for night caches with special UV reflectors

4) Metal poking device – Sometimes it’s a good idea to poke things before reaching in with your hands


In the comments below, tell us what else people should bring along while geocaching!