The Dosenfischer — The final curtain

The Dosenfischer have been an integral part of the German geocaching community for 10 years, with fans all over Europe. Over the years their podcast and geocaching-themed songs have been the delight of many geocachers. But all good things must come to an end. On August 26 2017 aba, sandmann, Stotco, DimiB, and Seasack played their last gig at the MEGA Switzerland – Meeting Friends 2017.

Geocaching HQ had the opportunity to talk with the band after the concert.

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Die Dosenfischer – der letzte Vorhang

Die Dosenfischer – seit 10 Jahren eine Institution in der deutschen, wenn nicht sogar europäischen, Geocaching Community. Über die Jahre haben sie unzählige Geocacher mit ihrem Podcast und ihren Liedern, die sich thematisch mit Geocaching beschäftigen, erfreut. Doch alles Gute hat ein Ende (bekanntlich hat nur die Wurst zwei), und so gaben aba, sandmann, stotco, DimiB und Seasack anlässlich des MEGA Switzerland – Meeting Friends 2017 ihr letztes Konzert.

Geocaching HQ hatte die Gelegenheit nach dem Auftritt mit der Band zu sprechen.

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Golden Ammo Box
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How do you say, “Golden Ammo Box” in French?

Boîte à munitions dorée. 

You’ve probably heard of Mega-Events or even been lucky enough to attend a Mega. But, have you ever thought about what goes into planning and hosting your own Mega-Event? Gosh, if only other Mega-Event hosts could share the best tips and tricks to help each other…

Well lucky you! Amazing French geocachers, -Vainilla- (Lorena) and -Ruby- (Oriol), who hosted GeoNord Events for the past three years have come up with a great concept: The Golden Ammo Box. Read on to find out how Mega-Event hosts are paying it forward and helping others along the way.


15 geocaches. 15 countries. 22 hours and 25 minutes. Geotrip ’17.

What is Geotrip’17?

In 2011, a group of geocachers from the Netherlands set a geocaching record when they found 15 geocaches in 15 countries within 24 hours. Six years later, a group of Finnish geocachers were up to the challenge to break this record. Harjus, Rimaju, Weellu and Wesbridge embarked on Geotrip ‘17 on April 15, 2017 from the Netherlands just a second past midnight. They reached their final destination in Poland at 10:25 pm the same day 22 hours and 25 minutes later, setting the new record!

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