Celebrating Two Million Geocaches


2 million reached!
Homepage counter at 5:11 am Seattle time on February 28

Join Geocaching in celebrating a major milestone! The 2 millionth active geocache was published on February 28 at approximately 5:11am Seattle time. It’s located in Australia. The 2 millionth active geocache is Overwatch #1 (GC46N4E). The traditional geocache is rated a terrain 3.5, difficulty 3.5 and promises to take geocachers to a lookout over the city of Alice Springs.  As of 6:12am Seattle time, the geocache has not yet been found.

To celebrate this milestone – Geocaching will be rewarding the global community with previously unreleased Geocaching Souvenirs. Hundreds of thousands of geocachers will receive never-before released country and region souvenirs. Find details here. Geocachers also have a new way to thank geocache hiders. Share this new “Thank a Geocache Hider” video with those who place and maintain geocaches so many enjoy.

Click to see the latest Geocaching Souvenirs release
Click to see the latest Geocaching Souvenirs to be released

Don’t forget to spread the word about geocaching by checking out and sharing the Celebrating 2 Million Infograph, and the videos 2 Million Geocaches in 1 Minute and Travel Bug® Travels.


  • cache fan

    maybe someone should lock that listing for now?…i’m sure the CO is thrilled to have received 318 emails today lol

  • Limburgeramigo

    Ich gratuliere!!!! 2.000.026 Cache

  • When will we see # 3.000.000? In 2015?

  • Ein schönes Hobby was Menschen zusammenbringt und man sich in der Natur aufhalten kann, man lernt schöne, manchmal auch nicht so schöne Plätze kennen, alles in allem sehr abwechslungsreich und spannend – weiter so … auf zur nächsten Million.

  • Sequeira

    Já está!!!!!

  • UserWhat

    Hey, just wondering, what was the 1,000,000th???

  • hads1978

    Toll! Gratulation zur 2 Million!! hoffentlich schaffe ich die alle mal zu besuchen.. 😉 :p

  • Grandma Nan

    So glad that we picked up some caches today–on this historic 2 million achievement. And our son HopNSeek filled his calendar today too–Congrats all around

  • Christian Keays

    I am just afraid that the push and focus to reach 2 million in means that a lot of chappy caches were put out to accelerate the count. 🙁

  • eyedoc

    I want to find out about the unlucky people who put out cache 1999999, and 2000001. Any way to find out about them?

  • danib34

    Bon, j’y vais de ma contribution en langue française.
    Bravo et félicitations à l’ensemble des créateurs et participants de ce fabuleux jeu de Geocaching.
    Que ce site de, qualité, continue à fournir dans la simplicité ces fameuses caches.
    Un seul souhait ; la traduction des pages anglais/français. Merci

  • Christian – that’s a great point. It was interesting watching the counter. We found quite a few people took the opportunity to archive geocaches they couldn’t properly maintain. 1000’s of under-performing geocaches were archived by geocachers. It’s a move we applaud, and opens up so much land for people to place new, creative geocaches. I hope the overall quality of the game went up during the run toward the 2 millionth geocache.

  • NinjaCacher!

    poor guy.. found 7 geocaches.. decided to place one himself.. gets it published… 1 day later, finds his mailbox flooded with 1300++ messages of people posting notes on his cache to congratulate for being the 2’000’000th, without even a single found log!
    — i guess he’s never going to place another cache again! 😀

  • der_grillfreund

    Sieh an, wie konnte das geschehen? Es ist doch kein langweiliger Leitplanken Cache geworden. Früher war natürlich alles viiiel besser und die Erde ist eine Scheibe.

  • Feluko

    What was the one-Millionth Geochache?

  • Feluko

    me too… i found nothing about that in the web

  • Cache-zauber

    Mhm, wo sind denn die Souvenire??? Also bei mir ist´s jetzt schon fast 10 Stunden lang Montag, bei Groundspeak müsste´s doch auch soweit sein, oder???

  • dak1313


  • We’re at the end of the world’s day over here in Seattle. Monday’s souvenirs have been released! More than a dozen souvenirs will still be released. Then they’re all done.

    Wir sind am Ende der Welt Tag hier in Seattle. Montag Souvenirs sind bekannt! Mehr als ein Dutzend Souvenirs noch veröffentlicht werden. Dann sind sie fertig.

  • Unfortunately – We just don’t know where the millionth active geocache is located. We didn’t track which geocache was the millionth active geocache back then.

  • Huzzah! Congrats and keep on caching.