The Very First – First to Find

Sometimes a find leads to this
Sometimes a find leads to this

Let’s set the scene. You’ve heard a few friends talk about this thing called “geocaching” and you fancy you might be pretty good at it. After all, you are fairly certain that your uncanny ability to locate lost car keys must mean that you have pirate’s blood coursing through your veins.

With your handy-dandy smart phone in hand, you set off to find the nearest geocache. According to your GPS you are right on top of it – but wait! Where’s the X marks the spot? You search high and low. You are on the verge of giving up when you spot a rock that doesn’t quite look like a rock….and yes, you’ve found it!

Finding a geocache feels kind of like this!
Finding a geocache feels kind of like this!

Now rewind the clock to a time long, long ago – a time without smartphones, Facebook, or (gasp!) geocaching. Thirteen years ago today Mike Teague became the first person to find the first geocache (at the time called a “stash”). It’s an adventure shrouded in lore. The word “geocaching” hadn’t even been invented yet. You can read much more about Mike Teague and the history of geocaching here. But the sense of wonder the first geocacher felt, is the same sense of wonder that now ripples through six million more geocachers. Are you one of them?

Share the story of your first geocaching find below in comments!


Paige Edmiston
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  • Ans

    This is what I wrote about my first find back then when I hit 1K …almost being at 4K I still feel the same :

    Geocaching is infectious, you catch it like the flu

    After someone mentioned it one day I started caching too

    I passed around the corner, found my first cache very near

    As I wrote down “Dutchlandian”, one thing became so clear

    I thought about it and I smiled as I realized its worth

    If this one was a DNF my story never would be heard

    After 1000 finds, now looking back I never will regret

    Finding the first one just because all the cachers I have met

    Either for real or virtual they all became my friends

    I hope at least until 10K this friendship never ends

    So if you bump upon a cache just leave it undetected

    Or you will end up just like me, get “Geocache” infected!

  • My first geocache was a little park and grab 2 years ago. A girl who worked for me told me she and her freind had been out doing it all the day before and I was intrigued! I downloaded a free app and low and behold there was one a few hundred feet away in a parking lot! I went after work and there it was…two years and almost 200 caches later I’m an addict. I go alone, or with family and freinds. I’ve taught groups and hid a few too. I had my first, first to find last week! I jumped up and down just like the kid in the picture and whooped and hollered all by myself!

  • Understandblue

    Happy birthday to geocaching! My first geocache was in a container shaped like a little dog – really added to what was to become an addiction in short order. My heart still pounds when I get close 🙂

  • Clao Wue

    A friend told me about GeoCaching and told me that there is a app for my smartphone and that I won’t need a extra GPS… I downloaded it and looked for a Cache. I surched quite a long time and then I found it. The Cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC220P8 My first log was: “Mein erster! Cool! Clao”

    I was so proud and happy that I found it. It was really great and I love to do Geocaching since then!

  • locuslingua


  • I remember my FTF. I was very new to caching and did not realise until I got home and logged. I concentrate more on Mountain caches in Wales at the moment, Did the excellent Alien resurrection revisited near talybont today awesome fun and filled a 4/4 box for me.

  • Jamo82

    My first cache was in a local park looked well suspicious as I tried to hide from muggles best was a cache hidden in a plastic dog poop lol

  • kikiwiki

    My first FTF was in Dominican Republic! I had been caching for a little while and we had brought a couple of geocoins to leave there. We had done some homework before going and mapped out three caches close to our resort. As we did a last minute check we noticed a brand new one! woohoo!! We got into a cab with a Spanish only speaking driver. With our limited Spanish we managed, through arm gestures and the GPS to get our driver to take us to the cache. As he slowly drove down a dirt road, the GPS was counting down the meters until we yelled stop at GZ. We flung open the doors of the cab while it was still rolling and ran to the little grassy area. We searched and searched high and low, as we would back home in Canada. Our taxi driver searched too but he had no idea what he was looking for! Finally we dug around with our feet and found a small margarine container buried in the dirt! I went to high five our driver and he gave me a big hug!! I”m sure he was relieved to see the cache and its contents and to realize that this was not a drug drop!! We took pictures, he drove us back to our resort via a few little scenic detours that he wanted us to see. I’m sure we left him with an interesting story for his family that night!

  • “Wildspeaker”

    An old man in a hospital told me about geocaching. He talked about it aaaaaallllll day! He explained to me what it was, and the website. Then he told me about his hardest finds, the funnest finds, and the easiest finds. By the end of the day, I was so full of wonder I just had to go see what this was! My first find ended up being this last Thanksgiving, it was the first time it snowed and I figured if I was going to try geocaching out, it would be now or never. I didn’t want to forget about it over the winter! So my cousin and I went online to find the closest cache to my grandmothers house. It just so happened, it was in the neighbors driveway! It wasn’t the most exciting find…. but it still filled me with glee! Someone put it there for me to find! We did one more that day, and I recently went to Arizona and did some there! I hope to have a long and happy life full of geocaching from now on 🙂

  • An old student of mine told me about geocaching but I didn´t have a GPS. I forgot all about until some fellow teachers blogged about geocaching with theeir smartphones. I uploaded the app and started to seach for my first find. I couldn´t find it. I was very frustrated but it was muggled I was told later. So I tried another and this was easy to find. It was at an old rhunestone in the woods here in Sweden. I made a happy dance ther in the woods. Now I have found 1763 caches in less than two years and I love it./forjoi

  • floridabiker1

    Before I made my geocaching.com account, I went to a geocaching class. It included 6 private group caches, not listed on any geocaching website. I spotted one of those, which was a micro in a palm tree, titled “Florida hide”.

    My first geocaching.com find was GC1VERP Independence Day by young0221. This was so easy that my partner found it before I even started the GPSr. I won’t say the exact location, but it is a common parking lot micro hide.
    My first find on geocaching.com using a GPS was GC3RT3A, Thread the Needle by ravenclaw13.

  • floridabiker1

    I do not think Geocaching is “infectious”.

  • I hope you still do the happy dance when you find a geocache! Thanks for sharing, great story!

  • Kathleen Hicks

    I found my first cache last September. I had read about geocaching in the local newspaper and so grabbed my Navman gps and my hubby and I drove up the road to find our first cache. It was hidden quite well and I had to put my hand down a long dark pipe to grab it but I never hesitated and soon had a big smile on my face. Hubby took a picture of me and my smile is from ear to ear! I love geocaching and it is now a big part of my life. I took a muggle friend out on the weekend caching and it was great to see her excitement over finding a new sport.

  • Found my 1st 2 nights ago, i remember then clue and thought id go and see if i could there, at 12am in the morning there was few muggles around so i thought id try, was looking and found this pretty cool micro cache. was so over the moon my first find.

  • CBM2

    My first find was in Louisiana, Manchac TB Motel on May 28, 2010 found with my daughter and granddaughter. I was hooked from that first find on, and have caching since. getting close to finding our 2000 find.

  • My first was the Wendouree whopper which unfortunately has been archived due to muggles. It was a multi which started in the park across from my daughter home. I did it with my son and was immediately hooked. Now it is a family affair us grandparents kids and grand kids.

  • MrMicha_MissSusi

    Our First was actually yesterday, meeting a cache gang at the ‘8’ somewhere south east of Charlotte, NC. Normally our hunting area is Germany where we life. So we did our First in another country after 425 non FTFs. 🙂

  • Mar

    Our first cache was a multi with 60+ waypoints. It started in the woods about 500′ from our house. There were about 6 paths to the cache. Pick a waypoint find it and get coords for the next. Or you might come to a dead end. Ignorance is bliss. We didn’t realize how hard this was. We were thrilled to find each waypoint, learned how to use our GPS and enjoyed a couple afternoons walking in the woods. When we finally found the ammo can after about 8 waypoints and 4 miles, we did a happy dance in the woods. Everyone is amazed when we tell them which cache was our first!

  • Our first geocaching experience was with an old old “fish finder”. We entered the coordinates and were off. Course, we were “off” alright…..looked and looked and didn’t really know what we were doing. We did finally find it. Needless to say, we bought gps units and the rest is history!!!

  • TeamDoggett

    Our first cache was found in Codorus State Park, PA on 5/11/13. It was GC183JF Young Adventurers (2) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=5c6a1d3f-0618-488c-9560-2cfacad0c237

    We had just recently purchased our first camper, and were out on our 2nd camping trip with it. 5 nights in a beautiful state park. I’d been actively reading on RV forums about hobbies while camping and read about this strange thing called geocaching. I downloaded the free app to my phone and while at the campground the kids were getting restless, so I pulled up the app and bingo! 0.5 miles away is a cache! Let’s go see what this is all about. A bit later, we’re on this narrow little trail coming near the end at the lake and it says we’re 10 ft away. I read the description aloud and the MRS looks around and says “I know where it is!” And now we’re hooked. in 20 days we’re up to 52 successful finds and looking forward to more. Not having much luck with the TB’s though, there appears to be a hoarder in our area. Every cache we’ve gone to that should have a TB in it, is empty. But I finally managed to find one last week, which actually had very few miles logged, so I’ve taken it visiting with us and will find a busy cache out of the area soon to drop it. Also created my own racing TB that I plan to take to Dover this weekend then Pocono next weekend then also find it a busy cache so that they will both hopefully find their way around the world logging many miles!

    Happy Caching and thanks for a new opportunity to show my family fun times and beautiful sights!