Top 8 Tips for Maintaining Your Geocaching Streak

The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir.
The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir

The month of August has a new name: the 31 Days of Geocaching. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a calendar-style souvenir for every day you find a geocache—that’s 31 new souvenirs just waiting for you. Plus, find a geocache on July 13 and you’ll get the special Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir as well.

Here’s your challenge: complete a full, month-long geocaching streak during August and earn all 31 souvenirs. It might sound easy, but maintaining a geocaching streak takes hard work, dedication and—above all else—motivation. Here are a few tips from geocaching experts to make your 31 Days of Geocaching streak a success:

1. Plan ahead

This tip is #1 for a reason. Having a geocaching plan makes keeping a streak alive much easier. Spend a few days before you begin your streak to draw up your plan. Try to think about if there will be any days where snagging a ‘cache will be more difficult than others. Having a plan will help eliminate surprises and keeps you on top of your streak.

2. Work Geocaching into Your Day

Going to work, picking up groceries, walking the dog—these are all great times to earn a smiley. If there are places you visit on a semi-regular basis, varying the route may open up possibilities for quick finds. Simple geocaches can take a little as 10–15 minutes to find, so taking a short detour during your day won’t take up too much time and will knock out one more find.

An easy lampost geocache, perfect for geocaching streaks.

3. Learn to Love the Easy Stuff

D1/T1 geocaches aren’t always crowd favorites, but when you’re working on a streak, the simple geocaches are your best friends. Save the multis and epic puzzles for non-streaking days, unless you just like the extra challenge.

4. The 11:30pm, 12:00am trick

This one is simple: find a geocache at 11:30pm, wait a half hour, then find another geocache. Boom. That’s two days down in less than an hour. Warning: Before you use this method, double check the recent activity to make sure your 11:30 geocache is there. If it’s missing or you can’t find it, you could accidentally end your streak.

5. Save the Easy Finds for Last

Your first impulse might be to find all the easy, nearby geocaches first. But wait! Saving the easy, nearby geocaches allows you to have alternatives just in case something comes up or you don’t have a lot of time to travel.

6. Skip the FTFs

If you receive notifications for new geocaches, you’re going to have to fight the urge to nab the FTF, especially if it’s nearby. Just like in tip #5, leaving several easy, nearby geocaches unfound gives you some backup options.

Geocachers benandjayme on the final find of their 500-day geocaching streak at the summit of Mailbox Peak, WA.

7. Find a Partner

Just like geocaching any other day, it’s always more fun with a friend. With geocaching streaks, having someone to go with will help maintain motivation and give you both some accountability.

8. Plan Your Final Geocache

Make the final geocache of your streak something awesome. It will give you something to look forward to and give your geocaching streak an epic send-off.


Tell Us Your Tips

Have you ever done a geocaching streak? If so, leave your tips for maintaining a streak in the comments below. Happy geocaching!

Watch The Geocaching Blog for more details on Geocaching Get Outdoors Day on July 13 and the 31 Days of Geocaching in August. To earn a souvenir in both promotions you must log a “Found it” or an “Attended” on specific days, July 13 and each day in August.


  • DrJay Geocacher

    I’ve been maintaining a geocaching streak for 6 1/2 years already so doing it for the month of August is already in my plans. I suppose it will be easier if you’ve already been holding back. I don’t really do big caching sprees unless I’m in an area that’s at least 20+ miles from my home. I have plenty of caches within 20 miles of home that I can go find when I need one. Plus, I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that has many active hiders, so there is usually a steady supply of them. The only real issue for me has been that I also like to get FTFs. I’ve cut back on that a little, but only a little. If a cache gets published within 10 miles of my house, I probably will still go for the FTF, even if I’ve already found one that day. But again, that’s because I’ve been keeping a reserve of caches going for years. For someone just starting a streak, I imagine it would be much more difficult.

  • stickyangler

    SInce you have streaked that long you should be the FTF to this mystery cache GC4CEXV

  • duff2013

    Good Lord people….. stop complaining!!! This is nice for new cachers to try. For you over-achievers don’t ruin it because it is not what you would do. Take a month off and you won’t have any inconveniences on your beloved souvenir board. I never seen so much whining after an article about helping/tips on anything.

  • Tuxedo@cat

    I love the idea of a streak for the month of August. I think it is a grand idea and don’t understand why others thought it would dilute their other souvenirs. The more souvenirs I get, the better!

  • geocache mini-dater

    I agree however my fiance and I have decided that we would like to get at least one a day and call it a mini-date. With our hectic lives and work it’s nice to know we always try and spend a little time together.

  • Linus Blue

    Bonjour !
    Je me nomme Linus Blue !
    Pour votre défi …pas facile dans mon coin car il ne m’en reste ue 7 présentement à faire !
    Mais si j’en posais 30 , une par jour , et finir par un défi 31 !!
    Ca pourraait être aussi agréable …et en plus ca pourrait facilité pour ceux qui sont dans le même cas que moi !!
    Quand pensez-vous ??
    J’attends de vos nouvelles mais en attandant je vas en poser quelques unes au cas ou !!!
    Linus Blue du saguenay !!

  • Jacqui&Steve

    There always has to be negative noras out there.

    We love this challenge even though we have never been to fussed with souvenirs or calendar days/streaks. Quite a few Teams in our area did not have enough Geocaches close enough to attempt the entire 31 days, so a handfull of local Teams got together and hid 2 new series in our areas, both have 31 new Geocaches to find, the reviewers in our part of the world helped us by setting them up to be released each day of August, 1am on the 1st of August Day 1 will be released, 2nd of August Day 2 released etc etc.

    so excited 🙂 Bring on Tomorrow (Australia) and the start of this FUN month 🙂

  • Happy Caching

    Find a new hobby grouch.

  • dug1234

    As I have done a run of 42 days this is a bit less to do so I am putting my 31days into a 50 day run I am now on day 5 on the warm up to the 31 days that starts to morrow the hints and tips above I do 1 on my working days in the morning before I go to work and keep a list of caches that are local to fall back on wet day and I will end my run in Scotland in September.

  • Famille Handfield

    You say: The month of August has a new name: the 31 days of geocaching. You will have the opportunity to win a souvenir style calendar for each day you find a geocache is that it is 31 new memories await you. In addition, find a geocache July 13 and you will get special Geocaching Get out souvenir day as well.
    My question is: Find a géocacle July 13 for a special geocaching, is this the right time, or you want to say on August 13.

  • mikeybr2

    Wow. A lot of complaining about this! I would guess if you don’t like streaks….. don’t do them. If you don’t want these souveniers….. don’t do them.

  • Team Skala

    We like it , especially the souvenirs ! We will try to earn every last one . Because we love geocaching . And if you d;ont like it …dont do it . It is our first streak.

  • brucsteve

    I think I’ll do my own version of this…we are quite rural and running far for these just isn’t practical. We generally geocache when we are on a daytrip or vacation to help us explore new areas. That being said, I think I’ll go for 31 in a month…just not one a day. It will take some planning still and maybe a couple extra daytrips so to make the summer more memorable.

  • Mads

    I had 3 souvenirs up until today, one for each country i have been geocaching in, and i was proud of them, because it took some effort to get them.
    Now i’m gonna get up to 31 souvenirs with minimum effort?!?
    So what are souvenirs gonne be in the future, hard or easy to get? are there even any point in caring about them anymore?
    Collecting countries and special dates and stuff like that was fun, this is too much and too easy if you ask me

  • duff2013

    Yah day 1… new souvenir!

  • dar237

    I got my first one for the month of August. I really want the souvenirs.

  • skeenaside

    I am up for the challenge, unfortunately my locale may not be. There are only 76 caches within a hundred miles that I have not found, and at least 20 of those are AWOL, on top of mountains or DNF-evers. Geocaching is still catching on around here obviously. Does placing a cache count as having cached that day? (then you have to hope it gets vetted on the day you need it be placed) Wish me luck. I have a feeling I’ll be on the road a bit this month!

  • akindofmagick

    You might also choose to start hiding caches – this may encourage more people in your area to do the same. Adds a whole new element to the game! And, if you live near a highway, consider creating and maintaining a travel bug hotel at a rest stop (if there isn’t already one there) – they’re cool, and very useful!!

  • groovedaddy

    Cool nudge to get out every day to continue my streak – only 160 today, but I want to keep going. I’m putting out 31 new caches for August so my local cachers can do this relatively easy if they like. I have 10 more to put out to complete the month. Woot!

  • yellow.warbler

    When you don’t own a car, doing a streak like this is pretty much impossible, as going for any cache “on the way” to somewhere can take over an hour when you factor in waiting for multiple buses and all the walking in between… especially if you’re already carrying heavy bags, etc. I wonder if anyone out there who doesn’t have a vehicle has done a very long streak? Would love to know if it’s possible!

  • AKBurque

    so, it would have been kind of helpful to put in your tips that the awards are given in UTC and not based on local time.

  • tenebrus

    Here’s a thought that might address this concerns of those who want to opt-out of August 2013 souvenirs but not opt-out of caching during August 2013:

    Dear Groundspeak,
    Allow users to categorize their souvenirs and then allow them toggle whether that category is visible on the souvenir tab. It might also be nice to sort the souvenirs by category (counties, events, states, streaks) instead of an all-in alphabetical list.

  • matthewcat

    If you want to get all 30 souveneirs you can find 30 caches and cange the date you found them so it would be one per day or you can log a cache that you own each day and then delete your log.

  • Sylphstar57

    Hear Hear! Like what you said!

  • Angie Cooke

    I thought that but I don’t think it does?! maybe put it on one of the fb groups on facebook and see? i may actually ask this myself?

  • Angie Cooke

    i think if you get all 31 then geocaching should remove the 1-30 and just honour you with one souvenir, i dont mind the rest but it would be nice to be able to remove them from your own souvenir gallery too if you wanted.

  • Angie Cooke

    i have much respect to those that can find either a) 366 caches by getting a minimum of 1 a day i have to say i prefer series and its been hard leaving the nearby caches for august but il be getting there here and there to see how far i get really lol and filling in some missing dates on the calendar

  • Angie Cooke

    cachey my little fb friend **waves** i take the daughter is that friendly enough? lol i wish id known this souvenir thing was coming up ive practically cleaned the town up with smiley faces its getting harder and harder

  • fart knocker

    no I wish it did tho

  • thelanes

    what about a souvenir for 11/12/13? or next year, 12/13/14? These are the last chances to get a cache on the day when the month, day, and year align numerically. After 2014, it 89 years until 1/2/03.

  • Jeremy Irish

    Unfortunately these dates don’t work internationally (which would be 12/11/13 and 13/12/14). We’re one of the few countries that lists dates in month day year order.

  • ate&batzi

    Are these 31 Days of Geocaching also in 2014?

  • doodah

    I picked up a geocache box along hwy 14 close to the mile long bridge, some of the names in the box are, dragon-slayer79, artchick82, Justin gage, team ronton, if someone wants this box and the contents contact me.