We’ve Got Urban Geocaching on Lock — QuadLockLog (GC330KJ) — Geocache of the Week

Geocacher GEO-Fuchs standing victoriously next to QuadLockLog.
Standing victoriously next to QuadLockLog. Photo by geocacher GEO-Fuchs

If you’re maintaining your month-long streak during the 31 Days of Geocaching, you’ve probably found out that you can’t always get out to a local park or natural area to earn your smiley. Many times, the find for the day is just a quick park and grab, a nano on a bench, or another lamp-post. But urban geocaching can offer much, much more, as this week’s Geocache of the Week proves. Urban geocaches can be just as amazing as those hidden deep in the woods.

QuadLockLog (GC330KJ) is not your typical urban geocache. Unlike many urban geocaches, stealth isn’t necessary. In fact, with the giant Geocaching.com sign above it, it’s next to impossible. One of the geocache creators, TravelingViking comments, “From the logs we know that several cachers found the location even before their GPS had a fix, the sign is big enough…” Luckily, the locals, including the police force, know all about this geocache. Most of them even know how to solve it. TravelingViking recalls, “Locals and police know about the cache, it already happened that police drove by and asked the cachers “what takes you so long?”

However, the one thing you trade for stealth is difficulty. The terrain rating is only a 1, but the difficulty is all the way at 5. Actually, the geocache creators thought this deserved an additional star, deeming it an unofficial D6. In order to open this geocache, you have to solve four separate puzzles. Despite the increased difficulty, geocachers love this geocache—and the 350+ favorite points and all the positive logs prove it. Geocacher LA Tiger says (translated from German), “Nothing is impossible! With a lot of patience and dexterity we opened together one lock after the other. Well done!”

Where, oh where could the geocache be? Photo courtesy of TravelViking
Where, oh where could the geocache be? Photo courtesy of TravelingViking

QuadLockLog was actually based on another geocache, TriLockLog (GC1622A). As you can probably guess, TriLockLog requires you to solve three puzzles before being able to open the geocache. TravelingViking tells the story of how QuadLockLog came to be, “I had a chance to buy an old vending machine and Indianer Jones offered to build a challenging locking mechanism, he is good with steel (currently built his own, real U-Boat). If I remember correctly he spent about 2 days on it. On my side I spent another 3 days or so to bring all puzzles in place…”

QuadLockLog all locked up. Photo courtesy of TravelViking
QuadLockLog all locked up. Photo courtesy of TravelingViking

This geocache is proof that urban geocaches can be just as amazing as those we find in nature. What has been your favorite urban geocache find so far? Tell us in the comments.

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