Dear Geocaching Diary: 31 Days of Adventure with Geocaching HQ


Dear Geocaching Diary,

This has been one exciting week at Geocaching HQ! Last week we accepted the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge. We vowed to find at least one geocache every day in August. And guess what…Our streak is still alive! Here is a photo recap of the first week of our 31 Days of Geocaching.

Day 1: Geocaching HQ staff came up with a creative solution for this tricky high hide. Business Development Coordinator Katie Barker (Username: Katie-B) says, “It’s going to be hard to top the first find! Nothing like building a human pyramid with your co-workers to start the 31-day streak off!”


Day 2: Rain could not stop us from seeking out this totally ingenious geocache. Office Manager Maria McDonald (Username: AKprincesswarrior) jumps high to celebrate our second find.


Day 3: We may have had to go our separate ways over the weekend, but that didn’t stop us from getting down and dirty. Like Wesley and Princess Buttercup, Volunteer Support Specialist Cindy Potter (Username: Frau Potter) and her family survived the Fire Swamp to log 03 of 31. Cindy says, “We escaped before being eaten by the Rodents of Unusual Size.”

image (3)

Day 4: The danger didn’t stop there. Founder Jeremy Irish (Username: Jeremy) and Marketing Director Michelle Broderick (Username: Michelleb108) tackled graveyard caches and white water rafting to grab 04 of 31. Inconceivable!

image (1)


Day 5: Geocaching takes the dynamic duo Community Support Specialist Cathy Hornback (Username: Prying Pandora) and Community Relations Engineering Liaison Jon Stanley (Username: Moun10Bike) to an instrument out of place. Moun10Bike is clearly a geocacher of many talents.

image (2)

Day 6: Tuesday was double sweet for Community Manager Jayme Hewitt (Username: banandjayme). She says: “The taste of GOLD, baby! 100 WA State Park caches on the GeoTour have been signed by benandjayme. We invited Ranger Tina to celebrate with us. Bam!”

image (4)

Stay tuned for more adventures from Geocaching HQ. What are your favorite tales from the 30 Days of Geocaching trail? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Click for a printable version of the 31 Days of Geocaching Calendar
Click the image for a printable version of the 31 Days of Geocaching Calendar
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  • mommio

    Sad story. There has been a cache I have been avoiding for years. I am notorious for getting impaled by cactus thorns–even had one in my tongue (don’t ask) so this cache has been sitting there amidst a huge cactus patch taunting me. In need of a cache for Day 5, I finally decided the time had come to bite the bullet and go after this one. As I approached the location, lo and behold urban sprawl had finally come to this thorny spot. Earth movers had encroached upon the dreaded cactus in their quest to create a new road and housing development. In fact, one was parked within feet of the cache. My nemesis had been turned into a PNG! Informed the CO that his cache which was once safely tucked away in cactus and brush was about to disappear. He archived it the next day after it had survived since January 2003..


    My SPECIAL streak has continued. My goal is to get a cache that MATCHES the date picture and souvenir for each day… so I got an Ammo can, a leaning tree climber, a hot air balloon related cache, a birdhouse cache, an urban city cache, a night cache, and I have my bike trail cache for today all picked out!!! I’ll be making a blog once I get all of my pictures I need. Thanks for the fun and the extra challenge, Groundspeak!!!

  • Post. Pictures! Sounds so exciting… great job, and keep up #31in31!

  • abzolut

    I’ve been geocaching on and off for years. (Mostly off, as you can tell by my “found it” count!) But I have LOVED that this event has gotten me and the kids out of the house, enjoying beautiful weather and places we probably wouldn’t have found on our own in a city that is still relatively new to us. Thank you!

    Also, I love the variety of caches that your staff have been finding! (Congrats, banandjayme!)

  • Saved by God’s grace

    BUMMER! I missed days 4 and 6 already!!!!! TRAGEDY! (Now really, I promise, I am following tip #6 of “Beat the Heat: 7 Safety Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Cool as a Cucumber”, it really isn’t the end of the world…I hope! [:)])

  • WVTim

    Great job on this blog. I really enjoyed see the Groundspeak staff out and about. We appreciate all the hard word you all do, it was good seeing you all in action. Loved the pics. Well done.

  • jette16

    First time I’ve ever geocached 7 days in a row! Making time for just one cache a day is great stress relief.

  • coralteach

    I’m having fun and am hosting an event to celebrate the midway point, kind of, but I have to say that I wish the pictures were better. All my other souvenirs are lovely. These are just kind of scribbles. Something to think about for next year….

  • Phetlern

    Down under in the middle of winter we have a different set of conditions to contend with . . . . . .take this log from suscoe for example. The cache is called “Water Element Geo Cache”

    Found it 08/07/2013

    Suscoe’s journey through August continued today with this cache.
    A trip out this afternoon in fairly steady rain was quite fitting for this one, paddocks with water flooding on them , water on the roads and rain in the carpark.
    Water was everywhere as GZ was located, the cache found and then a nice quiet sit in the dry car to sign the log.
    Replaced as found and on our way home.
    Thanks to Sub016 for placing this cache here adding to the local history knowledge, well done.
    Also a big thank you for providing suscoe with the full water experience here today, everything was wet except for the inside of the cache.

  • Jayme

    Thanks abzolut! My husband and I love Geocaching for the same reasons you do. Finding beautiful new places to explore – grabbing caches in 100 WA State Parks was the perfect summer adventure. 🙂 Happy caching!

  • flask ehrlenmeyer


    day 17 -international geocaching day- just HAPPENS to fall on the day that i am signed up for the hardest race i’ve ever done, a heavily skills-based twelve hour adventure race and carrying a GPS would get my team disqualified.

    and we won’t find out where the course goes until 0430 on race day, and i SWEAR, even if i manage to find one cheesy guardrail cache that i half remember might be nearby while i’m trying to finish that race, it will be the hardest cache i will have ever found, because anytime you do a cache in a surprise location while in the middle of an adventure race while carrying 28 pounds of gear and no GPS allowed knowing that if you take more than five minutes to find it, your teammate will KILL you, the difficulty rating immediately zooms to 5.

  • rissaroo4

    Having a great time doing the challenge and trying to only keep to 1 cache a day. Only been caching a little over a year. Yes, I’m addicted…..

    Almost missed yesterday, my geo-buddy and I decided to do a puzzle cache that we have been putting off. A good friend of ours does wonderful crazy caches real head

    But, we only made it to stage 2 and had to quit because it was getting late. So we had to hurry up and go grab another cache. Finish the puzzle on another day.
    Happy caching!!!!!!!