Geocache Maker Inspiration

Get your geocache building tools ready. It’s time to become a geocache maker. First things first. Check out this video to learn the basics of geocache hiding:


Now, are you ready to take your geocache to the next level? You’ll need to learn the magic formula for creating an unforgettable experience: innovative container + inspiring location + powerful storytelling. Check out these 7 tips and tricks for making the ultimate geocaching experience:

1. Think everyday, household items. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make an innovative geocache. Simple latches (like child locks!) and magnets can go a long way towards building a cool container.

Another geocache by Herr Potter, "Horse Heaven"
A geocache by Herr Potter that uses child proof drawer latches.

2. Make sure the location matches the container. A tupperware container is awesome if it brings you to an inspiring location; it’s less awesome if it brings you to a parking lot. You can make up for a less exciting location by using a container that requires some brain power to open or is itself a work of art.

3. Don’t forget the geocache page!  A person’s geocaching experience begins the moment they open a geocache’s page. Tell a fun, fictional story or use the geocache page to teach a history or science lesson. Make sure the necessary information, including coordinates, is accurate.

4. Geocaching needs a planet. So let’s take care of the earth! Read these 6 tips for hiding an environmentally friendly cache.

5. Ask for permission. While it may not be as exciting as making an innovative container or discovering the perfect location, asking permission before placing a geocache is essential to creating a quality geocaching experience. You wouldn’t want geocachers to have a negative run-in with a property owner who isn’t aware of your geocache!

6. Think longevity. Geocaches can live for a very long time, but this requires some tender, loving care. Take the D2W quiz to see if your geocache is made for life, and make sure to follow up on Needs Maintenance logs posted by other geocachers. No one likes a soggy logbook.

See step-by-step instructions to recreate some of the world’s coolest geocaches.

7. Look to others for inspiration. There’s a lot of creativity out there in the geocaching universe. To get your own creative juices flowing, check out the Creative Hides on our Geocaching Pinterest page to see what geocachers around the world are doing. Then check out these step-by-step instructions to learn some of world’s greatest makers’ secret ingredients to building a world-class geocache:

Geocache on the Rocks by Fogg


Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring by Herr Potter

You’ve read the tips. You’ve seen the photos. Now you’re ready…. Go forth & create!

Are you a geocache Maker? Tell us about your most creative hide in the comments below.




Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.