Makers’ Secrets Revealed: Blueprints for 3 Amazing Geocache Hides

3 Amazing DIY Geocache Hides Revealed


Geocachers who attended one (or more!) of the 900+ events held around the world during Maker Madness, gained a glimpse into the inner-workings of the crazy-creative minds of geocache makers. They learned how to make clever hides, like camouflaging a container to look like a rock or tree or set up the ultimate Multi-Cache.

A few of these great geocaching minds agreed to share the secret sauce behind their coolest creations with us. So yeah, please DO try these at home.

Fogg working on "Geocache on the Rocks"
Fogg working on “Geocache on the Rocks”

Geocache on the Rocks by Fogg

fogg is a geocacher from Schallstadt, Germany known for his ingenious hides. To make Geocache on the Rocks, Fogg utilized a little thing called “physical computing.” Take a look at what geocachers have to say about this geocache:

rabbitredux: TFTC! What a truly amazing cache. I have never seen anything like it before!

BiblioMo: I thought I’d seen it all in Geocaching until today. WP1 was extremely cool and ingenious.

Check out these step-by-step instructions to recreate your own Geocache on the Rocks.

Click for a PDF of Geocache on the Rocks
Click for a PDF of Geocache on the Rocks




WVTim is a geocacher from West Virginia who has racked up an impressive 5100 Favorite Points. He’s known for his gadget style hides, like a SHOCKING Cache. Here’s what geocachers are saying:

smitfam4: Another clever cache, my kids don’t understand how you come up with these ideas.

Steve105: Thanks for the shocking experience.

Check out these step-by-step instructions to recreate your own SHOCKING Cache.

Click to see a PDF on how to build A SHOCKING Geocache


Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring by Herr Potter

Herr Potter is the local, Seattle geocacher featured in Geocaching’s video Thank You to the Geocache Hiders. As its name implies, his geocache Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring was inspired by another awesome Seattle hider, Dayspring, and his Totally Tubular geocache series. Read what geocachers are saying:

wants to fly: Very nicely done. Impressive workmanship.

benandjayme: What a fantastically fun idea for a cache! We had a great time retrieving the cache with our co-workers. There was dancing, singing, worm admiring, and log signing! Thanks for bringing us here and sharing your creativity!

Check out these step-by-step instructions to recreate your own Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring.

Click to see a PDF of "Schrader's Ode to Dayspring"
Click to see a PDF of “Schrader’s Ode to Dayspring


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