Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
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  • Grunriese

    Mostly correct – ended up a Nature Lover. I’m not really that big on souvenirs, but since I love a challenge, I’m looking forward to August.

    – Grunriese

  • Wild Bill

    I prefer Urban Hater to Nature Lover. Cities are “natural” in their own right…in a Darwinistic way. Pretty sad you have to pack heat to ‘cache in the hood’. Far less risk in the animal kingdom than the human jungle.

  • AngelEyesRH

    Nature Lover – totally correct!!!

  • CacheWhisperer

    I’m a Nature Lover! That is totally true! But I wasn’t voted most likely to see Bigfoot in High school…. 🙂

  • MJansen

    Typically, assuming the usa is the center of the geocaching world.
    We don’t have Bigfoot nor poison ivy nor poison oak here in the Netherlands. nature lovers we have though.

  • Jinx53’s Dad

    This thing pegged me just perfect. It’s all about the numbers and seeing new places

  • Mystery Ink

    You have a most beautiful country. Had the pleasure of a geotrip in April starting there and loved every moment, even the easy walkup hides. A country to truly be so very proud of, and,,,,, the people are nice!!

  • Dee Clerk

    Seeing as how is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, they have every logical reason to be US-centric (if you’re “into” geocaching enough to take a quiz on their website, you may hve already picked up on that). That should in no way detract from your experiences or spur you to make negative tinged comments about it. Geocaching needs more positivity, not people who follow the herd and act anti-US (or any other country). Take pride in where you live without resorting to bashing other places. Cache Happy.

  • camdrianna

    Every time I get back in the car after finding a geocache I like to sing or hum

    “another one bites the dust,another one bites the dust, and another one down and another down,another one bites the dust. Hey, I just that cache,another bites the dust. Hey, did you find that cache? Another bites the dust”

  • camdrianna

    “another one bites the dust,another one bites the dust, and another one down and another one down, another one bites the dust. Hey, I just found that cache, another bites the dust. Hey, did you find that cache? Another bites the dust”

    ..I missed a few words in the first one!

  • We also don’t have High School 😉 I’m with you, these Amis think they’re the centre of the world… but fun quiz, though.

  • Helen Edley

    Hopefully nobody ever transports poison ivy or poison oak to the Netherlands!

  • Dan

    What a waste of time I’d rather be caching haven’t groundspeak got anything better to do.

  • Bushman002

    Ya I met big foot and shook his hand. Nice guy actually but a bit shy. I’m immune to poison ivy so no big deal and live too far north for provision oak. I was born in the back woods attended one room school houses for the first 3 years of school and went on to post secondary education at 2 universities of higher learning in Canada. Love ECs and CITOs when I can find them. Good quiz. Defined me to a T.

  • grammiealf

    I like your caches around Cambridge Ontario.

  • Jan Martínek

    Nature lover…. 😀

  • GeoBub2011

    You do have an awesome soccer team though! 🙂

  • Rose_Thorn

    We don’t have Bigfoot but we do have Boggarts here in the north of England. I think when a cache goes missing or gets mysteriously moved that the Boggarts have been up to mischief!

  • SunriseK

    Not very pretentious of course, but nice! Btw, in fact I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute! [:D]

  • Bass Brigade

    The Collector: probably fitting seeing how we have 4 times the amount if TBs logged as we do caches!

  • Marysyl

    nature lover geocaching yessss

  • Rodney Davis

    Glad to see another August challenge. Last year we teamed up with another local and put out 62 caches for the “31 Days”. Talk about crowds. We typically had 10 -12 people show up at every new cache, every day. Even our mayor proclaimed “31 Days of Geocaching” in Peachtree City, GA. New August caches in the works. Can hardly wait for 8/1. Cache On, folks.

  • JenS

    Socializer??!!?? Never yet been to any events. All caching I have done so far had been solo except a couple times with my kids. So this one will be fun to unlock. Good thing I’m planning to attend an event 8-2. Get this one out of the way quickly!

  • Bellahawaii52

    I am looking forward to geocaching in Alaska and the Caribbean this year. Next year the British Isles and Amsterdam. Hopefully Russia too.

  • Devery Johnson

    No Bigfoot OR poison Ivy! I want to go to the Netherlands. In fact, I love the Netherlands already!

  • Noah Egler

    If I met a riddle-wizard while caching and he asked me a riddle involving swallows and coconuts, I would say, “African or European?” and hope he gets the reference.

  • Robert~

    Where’s the quiz? All I see is this discussion board.

  • Robert~

    Well, we are. Just look at any map made in the past 100 years! 😀

  • Robert~

    Brand new, broken in, or worn out cube?

  • Ed

    Will be visiting most of Europe in 2015. Our friends in Holland will be with us for some of the trip – we in a rented motorhome and them in their motorhome. It is great to have friends in a country we are visiting.

  • cesca_nz

    I got Nature lover and I would have to agree with that,. I do prefer to look for the nature, outdoors and virtual caches rather than hiking or flying for miles just to find a new urban cache

  • Mike8702

    I love this planet! No matter where you come from we all live together on one planet. Love it, love each other, love life
    ……..oh, oh, oh and love Geocaching.

  • Chairman Mousey Tongue

    Some call me….. Tim.

  • Chairman Mousey Tongue

    Nature lover, and have to agree. Astronomer by training, prefer the wide open spaces and dark pristine skies.

  • MattKatt

    While Lancelot, Galahad and I leap out of the rabbit you can reply whatever you want

  • MattKatt

    Well… yes… you might not have Bigfoot (are you sure?) But you have nice tomatoes and wonderful flowers… not to forget all your caravans.
    Best regards from your neigborhood 😉

    *this is irony*

  • (:emmabean:)

    i got “The Explorer”

  • klara

    Nature lover is perfectly right: even in the center of Brussels I can go wild on finding a rare or beautiful tree.
    But the forests in the Ardennes are were I really like to go caching.

  • Anna

    Noah Egler- Lol 😀