Your New Mission: Earn the 7 Souvenirs of August





New Souvenirs for August, New Quiz Now


Welcome to your geocaching mission this summer. During the month of August, earn six new Geocaching souvenirs by finding specific types of geocaches. Only by finding all six souvenirs do you unlock a special seventh “Achiever” souvenir. And we always knew you were an achiever.

Check out your personalized 7 Souvenirs of August Trophy Case for details. It’s a page that’s worth adding to your bookmarks. You’ll need it. Once you’ve collected all six souvenirs, visit your 7 Souvenirs of August Trophy Case to unlock the rare 7th “Achiever” souvenir. If you’re new to geocaching, a souvenir is an exclusive digital reward for your online profile.

While your journey to find the 7 Souvenirs of August begins on August 1 and lasts through August 31, you can start the adventure right now. Take the new Geocaching Personality Quiz. Each of the six personality types in the quiz reveals a souvenir you’re challenged to discover in August. Questions? Check out your 7 Souvenirs of August Trophy Case for answers. Ready to begin celebrating? Check out the new 7 Souvenirs swag on sale now.

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  • DeepPurple

    Nice initiative. We will play it. DeepPurple, Belgium

  • Paco Orozco

    Very nice, and I think very difficult. I go abroad but I’ll try to complete ot…. Let’s go!

  • clockbroke

    🙁 Was really looking forward to this, but as I started to plan, I realized that there are only 2 Event Caches in my state in August. Each of them 200 Miles away. I probably wont be able to make it to them. We’ll see, I’ll still go get the 5 I can. Why not?

  • Travis Smola

    Host your own event. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It is perfectly acceptable to log your own event.

  • c2icGeocaching

    Yeah ! That beder than the last year challenge ! I make some cools badges for this challenge !

  • Jenny Hill

    That’s what I’m planning to do – host my own event. A simple no-host get together at a pizza place is what I’m thinking. Great way to meet folks, but minimal planning required. My only question is whether a person can log their own event, because you can’t log your own cache.

  • Chantelle

    How do I found out if there’s a event in my area?
    Sorry – new to this?

  • Suricacher

    Ja das wird eine schöne Sache. Suricacher Deutschland

  • kallimabutterfly

    Yes you can log your own event!

  • kallima_butterfly

    did you figure it out Chantelle?