Geocaching #goals

Geocaching #goals: Fizzy Grid, Jasmer, and 365-Day Challenge


Geocaching #goals
Geocaching #goals

The Fizzy Grid, Jasmer, and 365-Day Challenge. No, these aren’t a bubbly drink, a southern gentleman, and the answer to a 1st-grade math problem. They’re statistic goals for the seasoned geocacher! But what exactly are they? Read more to find out. 

Fizzy Grid

The Fizzy Grid will test your mental skills, then your physical skills, then both at the same time. Sometimes referred to as the “Well-Rounded Cacher” and the “81 Grid”, the Fizzy Grid requires you find a cache for each combination of difficulty and terrain. If you want to really go above and beyond, fill out a Fizzy for each cache type. Know of any D5/T5 caches?

This geocacher completed their Fizzy Grid more than once
This geocacher completed their Fizzy Grid more than once


Popular in the United States, the Jasmer requires geocachers find one cache hidden each month since geocaching began in May 2000. To give you a sense of the breadth of this challenge, there are less than 120 caches hidden in 2000 that are still active. Geocaching road trip, anyone?

This Jasmer is up to date
This Jasmer is up to date

365 Day Challenge

It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure this challenge out: find one cache for each calendar day of the year! That could mean a 365-day streak or a multitude of geocaching expeditions over several years. In case you’re wondering, the next Leap Day is February 29, 2020.

This one might have required some 11:59pm cache finds
This one might have required some 11:59 pm cache finds

Your geocache goals

Don’t be afraid to think outside the grid. Here’s a goal: take every one of your family members geocaching. Here’s another challenge: pick up five pieces of trash every time you go caching. Experiment with the possibilities. Didn’t someone once say, “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done”?

Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • mikeorann

    Where did you find the Finds by Placed Month chart?

  • mikeorann

    Got it
    “An image showing the results of a macro or stats website. For GSAK users, there is a macro called MonthlyCoverage that will generate the grid when run against a database of all your finds. NOTE (added 9/18/11): In order for this macro to work, your GSAK database must be named “Found”. To do this, simply create a database called “Found” and load the results of your My Finds PQ into it.”

  • Toni Brown

    Just FYI, “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done” is from the Beatles song “All You Need is Love.” ` aka TattooBarbie

  • Richard Lay

    Done as much Jasmer as I can without some crazy mileage from the UK, the other two are ticked off. Also enjoyed the “finds by placed date” grid

  • supertbone

    These charts in the blog post came from a GSAK macro called FindStatGen, though the D/T and finds per calendar day also show in your geocaching stats page.

  • technonut

    The triple-366. Find a cache PLACED on each day of the year. Find a cache on each of the 366 days. Have YOUR PLACED Caches found on each of the 366 days. Yup, I have this one done. 🙂

  • Jared B

    Fizzy and Jasmer 365……have a beef though with GC HQ on when a cache has the D/T changed by the CO after the cache has been logged as found and the Fizzy matrix reflects it, i.e. when GC HQ changed their D/T to a lower D/T. Shouldn’t the D/T stay for the cacher who found it and NOT have it changed when the CO changes it? Caches are not taken from the count when they are archived; therefore, the original D/T should be the same for those who found it originally. Yes, I snapped a photo of it before the D/T changed and have it, but now my Fizzy does not reflect what I accomplished due to a changed D/T. Frustrating for those unique D/Ts

  • taz427

    4 more D/T Fizzy and 7 more Jasmer to go. @Jared B:disqus I agree with this, I’ve got a hole at 3.5/3.0 from when someone changed theres, but I corrected it in GSAK and go by that one, at least until I can fill in another 3.5/3.0. I’ve only changed one of my caches D/T rating and checked all of the finders D/T grids before hand to make sure I wasn’t taking it off their grid. I went up 0.5 on the T after a couple comments and a re-visit to one of my multi’s.

  • taz427

    Even in the US for those starting in more recent years, you’re talking crazy mileage to complete the Jasmer.

  • Team Dito

    Hey Alex,

    Nice post about challenges. Thanks! Challenges create a new level to geocaching. It make you think how to fulfill to the challenges. To day we have fulfulled and logged about 130 challenges and we are planning to find a lot more. Quite challenging 😉

    But… Why do challenges not have a special cache type? Now the found challenges get lost between ordinairy unknowns. A special cache type would make the challenges more challenging.

    I hope a lot of geocachers agree to this. Let vote: raise you hands!!

    aka Team Dito

  • urtur

    As for a 5/5 event here you go:

  • OMadlikovi

    Today I’ve achieved full MATRIX, jupi 😉 Last cache I found today morning D4/T5 at tree 20m high and I’m really happy geocacher (approximately after one year and one week after begin with geocaching).

  • mikeorann

    Now I have 1 more question. How do you find a list of caches placed in 2000 and 2001?

  • bhouston21

    http://WWW.MYGEOCACHINGPROFILE.COM will show you the finds by placed month (and even day) chart