Geocaching.com Turns 14 – Rare Fun Facts Revealed

Happy Birthday Geocaching.com

Remember the year 2000? In the United States a pound of bacon only cost $3 and a gallon of gas set people back $1.26. The iPhone was still 7 years away from being introduced. But on September 2, 2000 some hearty adventurers, tired of being tied to an office cubicle day after day, launched Geocaching.com. The adventure to inspire outdoor play through GPS technology began.

Just like any story-worthy journey Geocaching.com’s beginning was filled with uncertainty. Before geocache joined the ranks of approved Scrabble words or a Geocaching game piece rocketed to the International Space Station, Geocaching.com launched with only 75 geocaches.  Today, the site lists the locations and descriptions for nearly 2.5 million geocaches hidden around the world. Adventure is truly waiting to be discovered all around you, as long as you’re in the 180+ countries where geocaches are waiting to be discovered [hint: you are].

Here are some more little known facts about the game you love:

  • The activity of geocaching was originally known as the GPS Stash Hunt.

  • What we now know as the 1st geocache was hidden on May 3, 2000.

  • Running Geocaching.com was originally funded by the sale of  144 donated t shirts.

  • More than 9 million people have created Geocaching profiles.

  • Hugh Jackman geocaches (and other celebrities like cyclist Jens Voigt).

  • The word ‘geocache’ means ‘hidden location on Earth’, as ‘geo’ means Earth, and ‘cache’ is French for a hidden location or place.

Share your Geocaching birthday wishes and your geocaching adventures in comments.

There's a geocache out here some where...
There’s a geocache out here somewhere…


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  • Matthew Dawson

    Happy 14th Birthday!

  • shayes

    Happy Birthday Geocaching! I first learned about the game this year. I can’t believe it has been around this long and I had not heard about it before. This is how I learned about it. I was looking for campsites at some South Carolina state campgrounds. I noticed the site mentioned they had geocaches. I wondered what that was. I thought it must have to do with rock hunting. I read the explanation about the game and I knew I had to try it. Now I’m hooked.

  • Derek Gibbs

    I love geocaching been doing it 7 years now Derek aka satnavinakilt

  • maco12

    happy birthay…

  • Blue J Wenatchee

    Congratulations on year 14. I started June 5 of 2005 so over 9 years for me. Thanks for the adventures

  • GAtraveler

    And it’s the community of cachers that you meet or communicate with online that puts it in a category all on its own. Happy birthday. GAtraveler

  • Bobilparet

    Happy Birthday.

  • Brady Bryant

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for the fun!

  • OneOldDog

    Happy Birthday ! It has been an much loved adventure for me my family and friends. I’ve met many friends that I never would of met had it not been for this awesome hobby.

  • lunoshard

    Happy birthday! I started this year and love it. Thank you

  • Bryan (Capture_The_Claw)

    Happy Birthday!!! I wish I knew about it way earlier! I’ve been a Cacher since 2010! Capture_The_Claw

  • Taz

    Happy Birthday, Geocaching! You should have a 14th Birthday Celebration Challenge! My Sisters and I LOVE caching!

  • Dako-train 1

    I have literally have only been geocaching for about a month but it is already a big part of me.#LONGLIVEGEOCACHING!!!

  • the brawlers

    Just found his one yesterday. Always fun to find the creative containers! Member since 2009.

  • JDubSr

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Geocaching!
    Who would have ever thought that with 144 T-shirts that you could create a Fun-filled business with Global connection throughout the world? My brother, “Marathon Don” Kern introduced me to geocaching a year before he completed his epic Equatorial Marathon distance runs with only 3 words “Looks Easy Enough.”
    Thanks Bro and thanks to our incredible leaders at HQ!
    JDubSr & NanaKern.
    SETX Gang Geocachers

  • 2luv2dance

    We’ve been happily geocaching for 9 years now. Thanks to our son for telling us about it & to our son & daughter for getting us our first GPS. Sadly our son, a Volunteer Firefighter was killed searching for children in a burning townhouse, 2 days later. I was waiting for him to come over & show us how to use the GPS. It took us another couple months to search for our first cache without crying. When we couldn’t find it, Robert came to me while I was out running & led me to it (without the GPS). Strange I know, but true. Now we leave toy firefighters & encourage others to support their local fire department, especially the volunteers. 2luv2dance

  • Frank Pierse

    Happy Birthday Geocaching! We have been enjoying this for 3.5 yrs. now and having a great time with it. Thanks for making a fun family friendly activity for us all to enjoy.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOCACHING!!!! My Geo- Pal and I started back in June of 09 and just surpassed our 500th Cache. Thank you for bringing us this fantastic Activity and for bringing us to areas we never would of seen.

  • bcrockcrawler

    We started our 13th year of geocaching this June. It’s been a great journey so far……

  • SnoopyRocks

    Happy Birthday Geocaching! Thanks to geocaching I have seen and been to places I’ve never known of. My family thinks I’m a little nuts especially when I need to “check for caches” anywhere we go! I’ve met many new people through geocaching–it’s a simple “sport” for all ages. Happy Caching and Happy Birthday!

  • Great post! I had forgotten this occasion. 🙂
    Oh, by the way, 144 donated T-Shirts? What did they look like? Are any still around? I’d love to see one or buy a replica of one if Shop Geocaching ever sells them!

  • Interesting… I’ll forward this request onto Shop Geocaching and see what they’re able to cook up!

  • We’re glad to call you a geocacher! Welcome to the adventure.

  • Honkeon

    Celebrated my 10th birthday geocaching in August. I still love the interesting places geocaching takes me and the little adventures I get to have with family and friends. #youradventureawaits

  • So… now you admit it means “hidden place on earth”. Please do be consistent and archive the ISS cache, then.

    But then, you’d rather be political…