Your Next Souvenir Reveals Mysteries of the Earth


Earn a Souvenir on International EarthCache Day

Is your calendar handy? Circle October 12, put a smiley on it, and write, “We’re finding an EarthCache.” It’s International EarthCache Day, the first Sunday of Earth Science Week and it’s your chance to join the global geocaching community in discovering a unique geocaching experience. Each person who logs a “Found it” for an EarthCache on Sunday, October 12, receives a new digital souvenir for their Geocaching profile. The souvenir will only be available on October 12, so start planning now.

EarthCaches take geocachers to a special geological location. You might discover a giant boulder left by a glacier thousands of years ago or stumble upon seams in the earth carved by the Earth’s tectonic plates. There’s no physical container to find with an EarthCache. Questions about the geological site are posed on the EarthCache’s page. You discover the answers, email the owner of the geocache with those answers, log a Found it, write a fun log of your experience and and you’re off to your next EarthCache!

Share your International EarthCache Day experiences on the Geocaching Facebook page, and if you’re in the neighborhood, explore the 3rd Annual International EarthCache Event on Vancouver Island, Canada.

“The Giant’s Causeway Earthcache” GCPCPX 

“The Pinnacles” EarthCache in Malaysia (GC19A54)
Earn this souvenir by logging an EarthCache on October 12
Earn this souvenir by logging an EarthCache on October 12


  • Dira McClintock

    Do we get the souvenir for attending 3IEE ??

  • Michelle Ferro

    Hmmm…not very helpful to put it on a Sunday. This is a normal working day in many parts of the world so going out to find an Earthcache is difficult. Makes a mockery of it being ‘Global’. Next time pick a Saturday.

  • kt

    It has always been first Sunday of Earth Science Week, so don’t see that changing anytime soon. As for workdays…every day is a workday for some people, but if you really want the souvenir, you will find a way to get it.

  • Dira McClintock

    Is this a no or is someone checking into it?? I am attending and volunteering so likely no time to find an earth cache that day but going to an Earthcache Mega should count !

  • Sophie Isaac

    Can anyone help me find an earthcache near heathrow uk please. Still new to caching and would love to earn this souvenir.

  • K-Ching

    Looking at the map it seems that GC1JY65 (The Hanwell Sarsen Stone) is the nearest earthcache in your region. It’s located at Elthorne Park.

  • Sophie Isaac

    Thank you so much.

  • Debbie

    I am in western Australia and don’t seem to be able to find any earthcache can anyone help. where do I find the map?

  • Andrew

    The 3IEE is actually on the 11th. There is a special satellite event on the Sunday (Earthcache Day) near Victoria,BC that has an Earthcache.

  • Kalfearhilok

    Is this the 12th in the U.S. or the 12th wherever you are in the world?

  • Applied_Science

    Use this link
    Then you can de-select all icons except the EarthCache icon, then you should be able to locate the closest to you.
    Hope this helps.

  • Cristina M

    Wherever you are. Only from year to year it changes (like Easter, for example).

  • huberteff

    I’d love to make an event, but it’s too short before Oct 12th now, and I cannot create the event on geocaching.com. What a pity!

  • khanman

    Hi Debbie. Where in WA are you? If you haven’t been able to locate an earth cache, let me know and I will tell you the closest.

  • Regena Heilmann

    How do you find an earthcache in your area?

  • Hoosier62

    Going after church.

  • Leeuwinbybike

    It’s US
    I have done an earthcache and logged it on the 12th buy did not receive the souvenir

  • Travellerr

    Hm, i logged a Earthcache here in Germany today and don’t found a new souvenir .
    I thought, this event happens all over the world?

  • CaptainObvious78

    Like the last reply said, every day is a work day this day on age. I work every Saturday and have Sundays off. So everyone that hosts their CITO events and large events in my area on Saturdays, I have to miss them. So when they have special souvenir weekends such as the CITO weekend, I host my own CITO event on the Sunday to be sure I will get the souvenirs.

  • Carol Barton

    I think that we should get credit for creating an EarthCache, as well. If the point is education, then creating anEarthCache is even more valuable than visiting one. My husband and I learned a lot about our local geology creating EarthCaches so that others could earn their badges.

  • luc_cla

    Hi people, today 12 October ’14, we logged a “Found It” for the Earth Cache # GC32WD2 and we got the approval of the Owner, but we have not received the Souvener. Can you kindly let us know?

  • Geoborderne

    You have logged it on the wrong date, change the daate to 12 instead of 11.

  • István GEONEO Lukács

    I have done an earthcache and logged it on the 12th buy did not receive the souvenir

  • Tom Fuller

    I chose GCPW9X Lava Cast Forest as my EarthCache for International EarthCache Day. I did this all by myself starting and ending within the Lava Cast Forest and completing the Virtual 5K including 2 Physical caches found and logged in 1:38 for an average of 2MPH. The weather was great here in Oregon.
    My souvenir showed up instantly when I logged the EarthCache online