How to Claim a Geocaching FTF (First to Find)


Ping! That’s the sound of your phone or email notifying you when a new geocache is published nearby. Grab your geo-bag, gps device, and get moving… you want to be the FTF (First To Find).


Discovering new geocaches before anyone else. Image by @gc_steph
Discovering new geocaches before anyone else. Image by @gc_steph


Why would I want to be FTF?

Being FTF on a geocache is an exciting experience. You get to discover the newly published geocache prior to everyone else in the community and you get to brag about it 😉 . On many occasions, geocache owners will leave a small gift for the first geocacher to discover their cache. Prizes? Heck yes!


Photo by @officialtinysuperman
Photo by @officialtinysuperman
Cash prize! Image by Instagrammer @ruznuz
Cash prize! Image by Instagrammer @ruznuz


How do I set up instant notifications to let me know when a new geocache is published (only applicable to Premium Members)?

You can custom build notifications under Premium Member features.

  1. Go to the Add Instant Notification page
  2. Name the notification
  3. Choose a cache type to monitor (e.g. Traditionals, Events, etc.)
  4. Choose the types of logs you want to see (if you are just looking for newly published caches, choose “Publish Listing”)
  5. Set the location (central point) and distance (around that point) you want to watch.
  6. Check the email listed in the “Send to” drop-down menu. (If you would like to send Instant Notifications to an alternate email,you will need to manage your email addresses first.)
  7. Check “Enable Notifications”.
  8. Select “Create Notification” and you are set!

For addition information on Instant and Text Notifications please go here.

FTF! Image by @driftsolo
FTF! Image by @driftsolo



How can I add FTF to my statistics?

Geocaching.com does not have a feature that showcases FTFs, as Geocaching HQ does not regulate or manage FTFs. However, many geocachers use outside statistics-generating sites such as GSAK.net or MyGeocachingProfile.com to display their FTFs on their profile pages.


Now go and search, young grasshopper. 

Young grasshopper
Young grasshopper


How will you celebrate your first FTF? Pancakes?

FTF Pancakes
FTF Pancakes posted using #geocaching @Guwisti



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