Join the Geocaching Global Cleanup Called CITO


CITO Weekend is April 24 – April 27

CITO weekend will be here before you know it. In case you haven’t heard, CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out. It’s the geocacher’s approach to keeping our game board (i.e. the entire planet) in great shape. On the weekend of April 24 – April 27, geocachers around the globe will gather together, pick up trash, remove invasive species, repair trails and more—plus earn a pretty sweet new souvenir.

Pick up a CITO Event Kit from Shop Geocaching and start planning your CITO weekend event now. All events must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date—but earlier is always better. Check out the CITO FAQ to learn more. You can also see a list of CITO events already happening around you.

Head over to the Geocaching Facebook page and let us know what your CITO 2015 plans are. Happy Geocaching!

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  • Allan

    Will there be CITO Souvenir from Geocaching for this year’s event?

  • Zombri Stoel

    It says right up there that there will be.

  • Dragon Riders

    there any chance to have souvenir for CITOs in weekend 18.4-19.4? We
    thought that CITOs weekend is third weekend in April and we start with
    preparation of CITO for it and I am not sure that we can move with it.
    have CITO event for 300 participants- half on ships and half in forest – i have to prepare this event since autumn due to cooperation with
    municipalities, owners of area, police, ship rentals,…
    CITO weekend is different weekend year by year – is possible to inform us earlier which one will be the right one? Or why isn´t possible to have CITO souvenir for events in both weekends (third or in fourth weekend) in Aprill?