Ten stunning EarthCaches from around the world

Are you getting ready for International EarthCache Day 2019?

Log any EarthCache on Saturday, October 12 or Sunday, October 13, and earn the International EarthCache Day 2019 digital souvenir. EarthCaches bring you to unique locations and teach fascinating geological lessons about Planet Earth.

Need some inspiration? Here are ten stunning EarthCaches from around the world.

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Walking to the cache at low tide

Geocache swims across the English Channel

Seymour Tower at low tide
Seymour Tower at low tide

Finding the Traditional Cache L’Avarizon (GCWNGX) on the island of Jersey is no small feat. You must walk over a mile from the shore along a rugged coastline during low tide, making sure not to get stranded when high tide rolls in. Through an unusual series of events, a child stumbled upon the cache—when it washed ashore, over 100 miles (160 km) away on the other side of the English Channel in West Sussex, UK!

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A very colorful Geocache of the Week

Stonehenge in the Desert — Geocache of the Week

by Kris32
Las Vegas, USA
N 35° 50.385 W 115° 16.158

Traditional Cache “Stonehenge in the Desert”
Traditional Cache “Stonehenge in the Desert”

About twenty minutes southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, just off the Interstate 15, you’ll see something extremely unusual, even for “Sin City”. No, it’s not a fancy casino, an ostentatious neon sign, or even the ghost of Elvis. What appears to be a mirage is real: seven towers, each about 30 feet tall, assembled from enormous boulders stacked on top of one another and painted in contrasting fluorescent colors. And, of course, there’s a geocache there. Continue reading →

Cache In Trash Out® — 10 Create Ways to CITO.

Cache In Trash Out® — 10 Creative Ways to improve your CITO