Introducing the Powerful New Geocaching Search


Find More Geocaches, Faster with the New Search


We’re excited to announce the launch of the new geocache search tool. It’s faster, easier to use and helps you find the exact adventure you want—and it’s all thanks to the geocaching community. We started the upgrade by asking geocachers what they wanted, then gave Geocaching Premium members a Sneak Peek at the new tool before launch.

Now the new search is ready for prime time. Take it for a spin by searching for Pi Day events and Mystery Caches near you so you can earn your Pi Day souvenirs on March 14.

Add more features like filters and sorting in the new search by upgrading to Geocaching Premium. Check out the new search now.

And speaking of new upgrades to, check out the new Hide a Geocache page. It’s designed to be more helpful for new geocache hiders and streamlined for seasoned geocachers. See the new Hide a Geocache page.

Questions? Check out the New Geocache Search Tool FAQ.

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