So Long “Intro” — Meet the Geocaching® App

Geocaching Intro, the baby app we first introduced to the world in 2013, is all grown up! In the time since it said its first ‘hello’, we’ve added a host of great features to the app for players of all experience levels.

With today’s addition of Lists, ‘Geocaching Intro’ has officially outgrown its name. So we’re renaming it. Nothing too out there. We’re kind of traditional that way.

Without further ado, we are excited and proud to introduce the Geocaching® app!

Here are 4 things you may not know about the newly named Geocaching® app:

  1. The updated design actually makes using the app outside, better. A crazy expectation for a game played outdoors, we know. The visual contrast and updated styling make reading geocache details easier wherever you are.
  2. The app is best with Premium. Premium members can find any geocache in the world. Plus, they gain access to tools for sorting and filtering geocaches as well as more intuitive workflows for finding all geocache types.
  3. Players can move seamlessly between Geocaching.com and the app. For example, lists that you create on Geocaching.com will automatically appear in the Geocaching® app. Same goes for conversations in the Message Center.
  4. We are not done with this app. We are actively seeking feedback from the geocaching community to help us improve it. Together, we think we can make this app the ultimate mobile tool for geocachers!

Don’t yet have the Geocaching® app or haven’t checked it out in a while? Here are just a few of the cool, new features you’ll find:


Live Search for Geocaches

The world is full of hidden delights. With Live Search, the geocache map automatically displays geocaches near you — even when you’re on the move!


Fun with Trackables

On a future geocaching escapade, you’ll likely uncover a trackable. The Geocaching® app makes logging trackables easy and fun.


A Better Way to Find Geocaches

Finding a Multi-Cache or EarthCache can be a good challenge! Thankfully, new tools for advanced geocaches, like adding waypoints or sending photos to geocache owners, leave the challenge where it belongs — in the thrill of finding a geocache.



Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • They’re phasing the paid app out in favor of the updated app. Hope you have a Premium membership, otherwise the updated app is useless.

  • Sean

    That seems silly. I always liked that there was an app for those of us who were premium and really into it, and those who are either newbs or who had free accounts. That way everyone gets at least a minimum level of usage.

  • Sean

    I whole heartedly agree. I bought the app years ago both to have the better app, and the support Groundspeak. I have never boughten an app for that amount of money before or since, and I feel that those of us who did pay, should get some sort of continued perk for it.

  • Eleanor

    How silly those people complaining about having paid for the other app are. How do you think the new app was funded? Do you think the developers work for free? It’s through paid services that other services can be offered without charge.
    You are welcome to download the new app, enjoy the limited features without charge and never worry about paying a penny. If you want to get more out of it then you are asked to help fund the ongoing costs involved.

  • Fafhrdd

    Hello! I know us Window Phone users are in the minority but are you guys looking into making an updated WP app or is that so far down on the list it or not on the list? Thanks, love the work you are doing!

  • I agree; it’s very silly. I don’t know the rationale behind the decision, but there it is. When I discovered what had been done, I thought for a while, and ended up uninstalling the updated app. I won’t say it was intended, but the effect of the update was to deny the newbies or those with free accounts that minimum level of usage–or, put another way, they lowered the threshold on what the “minimum” is. I noted elsewhere that already, in just the few days of the update being live, there are reviews in the Google Play store of newbies turning away, feeling like they have to pay money to do anything, and because of that will never look at caching again.

  • The problem that we “silly people” have is that the limitations are *too* limited. When you legitimately negate nearly any chance to really play, to get involved, to actually *do* very much unless you hand over money, there’s nothing left to enjoy. Newbies are already being turned away because of it.

    No one said the team at Groundspeak should work for free, but the balance between encouraging money and encouraging new cachers has shifted too far toward the money end.

  • Camobunch

    The old responds extremely slow

  • Akraft69

    They need to do something about the color of those cache circles. I can’t tell which ones are blue and which ones are green. They’re a lot easier to see on the other app. Also, map doesn’t consistently update/refresh and some caches disappear when I zoom in.

  • Kyle

    I thought it was kind of a low move to restrict all 1.5/1.5 caches to paying members. I placed my caches as ‘Non-premium’ because I didn’t want people to pay to find them. Now, newbies experience will be restricted to driving from lamp post to lamp post wondering how this could ever be a hobby.

  • Very true. It’s–disappointing, even lamentable. And newbies are already being turned away. Just in these last few days, there are reviews in the Google Play store to that effect.

  • Mr Troy

    I think the changes to the app’s has caused much problems for the caching community.

    The only way I can see this going well is if they raise the limit on the free app to higher than 1.5 for non-member users. I notice there is a survey going. Maybe that or this forum will give Ground Speak some guidance as to what that is.

    I also think owners of the paid app should be getting some updates soon such as cache management tools, the ability to edit logs like the website and some of the tools only available in third party apps like puzzle tools and multi-cache tools. Perhaps even lower cost subscriptions or maybe a one time free membership extension.

    It is bad business to snub the people that built the community and from what I see here they are stifling growth also. Someone has to be re-thinking this.

  • Mr Troy

    This is silly. I can’t edit this post to remove the image. I was wanting to have a thumbnail as the posting picture. Bah! Sorry folks. If anyone knows how to edit the image out let me know. 🙁

  • Michael King

    I think that the new app should do everything the classic app does. I should be able to view attributes, post field notes, and save caches to an offline list. In trying out the new app, I find myself jumping back and forth between them. This is hardly efficient.

  • Michael

    The problem is, that annual fee is paying for content which was made for free by users like you and I. Groundspeak doesn’t make or maintain caches, the users do. And we enjoy doing so for the love of the hobby, not the membership dues going to Groundspeak. The $10 fee was fine to pay the developers for an app, but what exactly is the membership fee for?

  • Originally, it was for the rare, at least highly infrequent, cache that a cache-owner–as you say, another user like ourselves–set as Premium Only. There were a few other small boons, but that was the main one. That was fine enough, though I’d paid it mostly just to support the underlying spirit and sentiment of not only caching but of helping cachers work together.

    I mean, the team at Groundspeak did make inter-cacher interaction incredibly easy, and maintain that network year-round. That was worth the money to me at the time.

  • Phred_P

    Still no support for offline caches and maps? I often go where there is no Wi-Fi or cellular service. This app, regardless of its shiny new name, is still useless to me in the backcountry, where a lot of the best caches are.

  • Sean

    Hopefully Groundspeak will actually look at those reviews on Google Play. As a Premium Member, I feel that non paying members should have access to 95% of the website and app. Only caches deemed from premium members and a few other perks should be for premium member only, the rest should be for everyone. I wouldn’t be a premium member today if the site/app had been so restricted in the past.

  • I can relate. As I said in my large post to this topic, the spirit of inclusion and genuine togetherness amongst cachers was what made me happily fork over the money for a Premium Membership. I can’t help but wonder if this rather grand revamping of treatment toward newbies and non-Premium members is indicative of that spirit no longer existing.

    I mean, they burned a lot of trust with me on this issue. I think my caching career will end when the support for the paid app ends. I’ve already uninstalled the updated formerly-Intro app because it’s useless to me now, anyway.

  • Traveling Dave

    I’m struggling a bit with the new app. The lack of searchable help is frustrating. Has anyone found to location of our logs and souvenirs with the new app?

  • Lesley Blackshaw

    The new app is visually pleasing -nice and clear. My biggest gripe is that I can’t see footpaths. On the paid-for app I use OpenStreetMap so I can see the footpaths clearly. I ifind that so frustrating. As well as the obvious, getting between caches, being able to stick to footpaths stops you getting in trouble with landowners

  • Caro Whidden

    I have been geocaching for 10 years. I tried the new app out giving it a try. It is useless for any geocacher. It only has 1/10 of the features of the old app. It continuously updates data on caches that can not be saved to off line lists. I hope people have unlimited data plans. The maps do not show trails. It only shows a few of my bookmark lists. Where is the pocket query option. I always create lists on the go to save data. This is a huge problem. Where is the option to exclude users. Where is the option for maintenance logs. I can’t see recent sent logs or logs that were not sent. Where are my offline maps. What about souvenirs, I love seeing the new souvenir after a special event. Where are the favourite points. What about pending logs when your cell tower does not work. I use a combination of gps & Iphone. Nova Scotia has limited cell coverage in many areas so I use the offline features continuously. Also I do not have an unlimited data plan. I really tried the new app out thoroughly but for me it is useless. It needs a lot of work before it would be useable to anyone. On the plus side I do like the message center & navigation system. I hope the 14 missing features from the original geocaching app are added before they take away the old app because millions of people will be turned off from geocaching. Also this app forces people to pay a premium membership every year to access all of its very limited features. I have introduced many people to geocaching as a fun family sport. I could not with a clear consensus introduce anyone to this new app especially with the yearly cost of now going geocaching.

  • Jim Burch

    I just downloaded the app and was wondering if anyone can tell me what to do.TY

  • TheLF

    Very, very well said. In addition… It burns 30% of my battery within 2 hours.

  • CKJohnsen

    I downloaded and installed the app on my Iphone 4S. When I tested it out it froze on every single window I tried to view requiring a force quit of the App and a relaunch. I finally deleted it. The old classic App has worked very well for me. I was pretty sad when this one failed so bad on my phone.

  • CKJohnsen

    I just now tried re downloading the new App and this time it seems to be working ok. The previous time I had not allowed the app to use my cellular when I am not using the program. That freaks me out a bit. My battery is old and doesn’t keep a charge very long. Having things constantly update even when I am not using the program could be a problem.

  • Nora

    The paid offers more utility than the updated intro app.

  • Nora

    All grown up? Not compared to the paid app.

    *****Can’t see my personal notes

    ******Can’t see attributes

    When I am looking at logs the app scrolls back to the top for no reason

    *****Can only look up pictures one by one, the paid app has an option to view images and then you could scroll through the images instead of looking at logs and seeing pictures one by one

    ****No opencyclemap showing trails, NO kind of map showing trail at all, just satellite and street view.

    STILL no symbol you can select to indicate you have a solve or next stage coordinate ready to go.

    Intro app gives a picture of a rock and some sticks Vs fantastic green vista that makes he feel awe and want to go out?

    Help feature is a joke

    Must I go on? So many missing features!

    All grown up? Hogwash. If it was all grown up it would include the usefulness of things that the paid app already does. Add the few features that the intro app gives that the paid one didn’t, into the paid one. THAT is pretty grown up! Then give features allowing co’s to do what they need to do as far as maintaining their caches.

  • WV Ivorybill

    I was just getting my friends into the hobby. Now they can’t see anything but 1.5 caches. I’m considering giving it up myself. I have 5 caches in a nearby state park. In my state you can’t hide premium caches in the parks. My caches are now against policy since they are above 1.5. I will have to remove them!

  • Yep. One reason they want to get rid of it. You only paid a small fee, and once, for that. Getting rid of it means they can charge more, and repeatedly.

    I’d seriously not be surprised if at least some of the features of the paid app became perks you bought piecemeal for the updated intro app, on top of the membership fee. That’s where Groundspeak is going, seems like,

  • They’re phasing the paid app out and will add its features to the updated app. I think it’s just ao they can hold more and more of the game hostage. I legitimately expect many features to become “perks” you pay for in addition to the high membership fee. I really do.

  • ncfinn

    How do i create a “list” that can beaccessed offline? One with the saved c caches on a map? Like the old one that cost me $10 and was great.

  • Two-part answer. 1) That feature isn’t yet fully implemented into the updated app, as far as I’m aware. 2) When it is, you’ll need to be a Premium Member to use it, anyway (which involves a higher and recurring fee), if you aren’t one already.

  • Ian

    I’ve downloaded the new app. There’s some very nice features, I like the sharper cleaner looking map and how it loads the caches quickly (though worry about data use in the field.) Message support, adding puzzle/multi info and coords is fab. Need open maps though and my saved lists I only seem to be able to see as a list, not on a map. Not great when I use caches along a route!

    However I hope it’s a work in progress very quickly because there’s quite a bit missing from the ‘classic’ app which I’ll probably prefer using for the time being.

    Just as an aside I did a search of 1.5 caches and the majority in my area were there. Really, as a beginner there’s still plenty out there to get people hooked and of course once they’re hooked they may then look to pay for more. I guess that’s the plan after all.

    I’m keeping an open mind and will watch how this develops before I make too many judgements.

  • Guest

    “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow.”…living by that motto again? I purchased the official app off of iTunes and it has worked great for years. Why would Groundspeak phase out the better and faster app for this new app? I think it is probably related to the now branded (R) mark on the app and they are trying to strengthen IP rights in the mark by limiting it to this app. But if Groundspeak listens to its members – those who support this activity – it should not make a better mistake by phasing out a perfectly good app that we each paid good money to download and use.

  • It’s not that there was anything wrong with the Classic app, it’s that this way they can make you pay a higher fee, more often, just to make any decent headway or cache with any degree of utility, much less efficiency. That the team has stayed silent here doesn’t speak well of them, either.

    The Classic app was a one-time fee of ten dollars. Now you have to pay thirty bucks a year for the same functionality–and that’s IF they don’t turn around and make features opt-in “enhancements” that require even more money, like DLC for a video game. That, incidentally, is what I’m betting on. The revamping of the “brand”, the financial gouging of cachers, the careless disregard for opening any sort of communication in these comments–mark my words, the money is what matters now, and we’ll be seeing features as glorified DLC sooner or later.

  • pin Cushing

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but so far I’ve gathered I can’t save an offline list without being a premium member. However I could on my previous one pay only app. I feel very disappointed that geocaching are aiming to make more money on what was a free activity. At the end of the day, without the free work of geocachers, there would be nothing. Ultimately you will lose business as people set up their own less expensive ones.
    Again if I am missing the option to save offline lists please help me out!

  • Craig

    The app/website has been up and down for the past couple of hours. I was in the middle of some spontaneous caching, and it went down. Thanks to the new “updated” app being a horrid product, I was unable to save the caches to an offline list from within the app…but then remembered I never deleted the “classic” app. Luckily I   was at able to save a couple of caches before that app became unresponsive. That’s OK, because the GPS in the new app is not calibrated and is typically more than 50 feet off from the classic app (on the same iPhone) and my Garmin GPSr. I don’t know why Groundspeak considers this app an improvement! Messaging has been added. That said, a centralized photos repository per cache, attributes, offline lists and ability to add favorite points removed. Way to go, Groundspeak (note sarcasm…)! I certainly feel like I should have not renewed my Premium membership – then again if the are treating Premium (paying) Members like this, it speaks volumes.

  • Mr Troy

    Lists are now a Premium member only item and you have to set them up on the web site. This has taken them from new people who are getting interested in Geocaching and made people either pay or find some thing else to spend their time on. I doubt however that there will be a competition service.

    The only advantage I can see is to reduce the amount of people who play which can reduce the loss of trackables due to non-serious players. This has been done with may online games as companies build a user base then solidify their market share by separating the real players and the ones that are not.

    I’m sure the game will survive but as many game platforms have done it will start to die off unless the developers keep working harder to meet the demands of the users. Had the developers found a way to keep the pay app going things would not be so bad but it has been kicked to the curb. Sad turn at such a critical juncture for the company.

    I will still play but I can only expect to see less first time cacher out there and lets face it that is the life of the game.

  • juhlii

    The new app is S-L-O-W even in late model iOS devices. It lacks so many of the basic features of the now removed Classic app that it almost makes you cry. iOS users have two alternatives: move to CacheBird or change to Android platform and use open source alternatives. Luckily I didn’t remove the Classic app from my iOS devices and it still works.

  • rockcitygrl8

    when placing a cache, how do I get the coordinates (GPS) to list

  • Lauren

    This is so disappointing and greedy. I have been geocaching for years bur got away from it for a couple years when we had kids. Now that the kids are old enough to enjoy it, we’ve been out a bunch of times. We’ve been telling friends and had a lot of people really excited about it. But even my kids get bored of the <1.5 caches. None of the new people I've introduced recently are going to pay for the yearly membership. There are very very few things I will pay a yearly membership for and people who don't know how awesome geocaching can be will not want to pay it. Which means less people get into it and there are less people to find and place caches. It ruins it for everyone. Put ads on the app if you want to make more money. But don't make changes that completely change the nature of the game.

  • I do know how awesome caching is, but I’m not going to pay for a yearly membership. For me, it’s the underlying spirit behind this move I can’t support, and in a capitalistic republic democracy, we show support with our wallets. I also wouldn’t be behind ads in the app, partly because I don’t trust ads, period, but also because I don’t trust the Groundspeak team to keep intrusive and/or malicious ads at bay.

    I also find it telling that, to the best of my knowledge, they haven’t addressed complaints by the very user base that made them popular enough to consider this move to begin with. As far as I’m aware, they’ve said nothing in these comments or other blog posts concerning the growing number of dissatisfied cachers. As relatively long as it’s been since the updated app has been released, one would think they’d care enough to actually interact with the users. Their continued silence, then, suggests that they don’t in fact care.

    They updated the app and gave a middle finger to the users in the process, officially copyrighted (or are at least attempting to do so) the term “geocaching”, and have ignored users who voice complaints. I think any hopes of Groundspeak actually listening to or caring about its users have been proven to be empty.

  • Hilary Walker

    I am a premium member, I have only just renewed my membership and I wish I hadn’t. I cache using my iPad which is one of the original iPads and the new app won’t run on this. The old app stopped working as soon as the new one was released. Unless I go out with someone who has a smartphone this is a hobby I can no longer participate in.