And The HQ Duck Dash Winners Are…

From July 20–August 20, over 15,000 trackables competed in the HQ Duck Dash. The following trackables crossed the finish line at an International Geocaching Day event, and have been awarded eternal bragging rights (and a digital HQ Duck Dash Winner Badge) for the categories listed below. Congratulations!

Best Trackable Photo

1st Place: Natalie247 with Nat’s Wrath.


2nd Place: Aerophile with Army Duck.


3rd Place: n8vision with Monchhunts Deadly Duck Lust.


Most Story-Worthy Moment (Best Log)

1st Place: 2512 with A Duck Called Wanda

2nd Place: AmigaAZ with Bugmann’s Greed.

3rd Place: stellarissa with ErnaE Water for Duck Race.

Furthest Distance Traveled

1st Place: geniejoan with GLUTTONY DUCK. Total Distance Traveled: 75,726.610 miles

2nd PlaceMoti7469 with 7 Deadly Ducks tag von MoTi. Total Distance Traveled: 66,187.34 miles

3rd Place: rubymoon05 with 7 Deadly Ducks TagTotal Distance Traveled: 55,065.08 miles

Most Geocaches Involved

1st Place: Isola d’Vess with Lucky the Greedy Duck. Number of Geocaches: 1095

2nd Place: Terkel10 with 7 Deadly Ducks Tag. Number of Geocaches: 1092

3rd Placevon’ene with 7 Deadly Ducks Tag. Number of Geocaches:1053

Most Geocachers Involved

1st Place: Fay, R+R with Doodle DuckNumber of Geocachers: 36

2nd Place: MommyTRex with Duck Dash ’16 Duck Hunt TBNumber of Geocachers: 7

3rd Place: The following geocachers’ trackables tied, with 6 geocachers involved each!

Thanks to all participants for helping us celebrate 15 years of trackables!

Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.