Where in the world is Signal? (Hint: Grüße aus Deutschland!)

In 2017, we’re celebrating geocaching around the world. You’re invited to join Signal the Frog® as he travels to different countries to geocache like a local. No plane ticket required!

Signal’s first stop: Germany. On Thursday, April 13, players will gather to celebrate the 11th annual Dönerstag. You can earn the first-ever Dönerstag souvenir by attending a geocaching event on that day. Keep reading to learn more!

About Dönerstag.

Dönerstag began in 2007 when German cachers met at kebab shops around the country all at the same time. The tradition caught on!

These special events are held each year on a Thursday. In German, this makes the name “Dönerstag” a pun: The German word for Thursday is “Donnerstag.” Kebab translates to “Döner.”

Last year, over 6000 players attended 233 Dönerstag events. The events were held all over Europe, from Germany and Austria to the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

How to join in.

You’re invited to join in this year’s Dönerstag from wherever you are in the world. Attend and log a geocaching event on April 13, 2017, to earn the souvenir. You can find events using the geocache search tool.

Remember, geocaching events need to be submitted at least two weeks before the event date. Submit your Dönerstag events for review no later than March 30, 2017.

Note: CITO events do not qualify for this souvenir.

Where is Signal going next?

After his stop in Germany, Signal will travel to other countries with rich geocaching traditions to experience the game like a local. Stay tuned to find out where! (Pro tip: Double check your Geocaching.com account settings to make sure you’re subscribed to the weekly newsletter.)

  • hcy_de

    Übrigens eine Erfindung von moenk aus dem Geoclub, sollte man mal erwähnen.

  • otto hugo

    What a pity that Groundspeak decorates itself here with strange feathers (is this also said so in English?). The Doner’s Day is an invention of the geocacher moenk from Berlin. In 2007 it was asked as one mega-event at various locations in Germany, but GS had rejected the idea. If you now take the idea, why do you not call the author by the name?
    Moreover, I have never understood what doner eating has to do with geocaching. Even less do I understand why there should be a souvenir for it.

  • Speakers-Corner

    Dönerstag is always held on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) which marks the end of Lent.

  • Sherry Ann Saccoccie

    Oh geez… try to have some fun! That’s what geocaching is about.

  • Éva-Bernadett Bakk

    You’re right! It’s like stealing an idea…

  • TinuCH1976

    what the heck… gibt’s ja nicht
    I celebrate Dönerstag every last working day since 10 years… seit 10 Jahren zelebriere ich den Dönerstag am letzten Arbeitstag!!!
    getting for me (and most time for my working mates) a Dürüm… hole für mich (und meistens meine Arbeitskollegen) einen Dürüm 😉

  • Tadeu Messias

    How I can do the Signal to come to Brazil?