Improvements to the Edit Cache Listing page

Today, we’re excited to announce big improvements to the Edit Cache Listing page! It’s now easier to create cache pages with fewer issues so that caches are published more smoothly. For cache owners who have used the page for a long time, the changes might take some getting used to. But we’re confident that once you’re familiarized with the new page, you’ll find it much easier to get your cache pages ready for the community.

It’s not just cache owners who benefit from the improvements, but also the geocaching community’s amazing volunteer reviewers. Many of them review hundreds or thousands of caches each year. These changes will reduce the issues that come up during the review process, allowing the reviewers more time to…well…go out geocaching!

So, if you’ve ever considered hiding a geocache, we encourage you to join the 360,000 plus cache owners who’s creativity and inspiration give us over 3 million reasons to keep exploring.

Among the updates to the Edit Cache Listing page:

  • Waypoints and attributes are integrated into the page. That means there’s no need to visit a separate page to add/edit waypoints or attributes!
  • The page’s map is much more useful. You can now see posted coordinates and waypoints on the map. Also, we’ve switched the page’s map to OpenStreetMap, which allows cache owners to zoom in and out, as well as double-check that the coordinates are at the correct location.
  • The Submit for Review process is simplified.

You can read tons more about the improvements in the official Release Notes in the Geocaching Forums, where you can also share feedback about the release.

  • For starters, there’s no way to enter the URL of a “Related Web Page” on the new edit form. And of course the cache I’m creating today has a Related Web Page, which I can’t put on the page until this is fixed or until I can get back to the old edit page.

    Now on to editing. When making a new cache page we edit many, many times but submit only once. Therefore the default action at the bottom of the edit page should be either “Save” or “Save and Preview” but most definitely NOT “Submit for Review.” Likewise, the default action at the top of the view page should be “Edit” and NOT “Submit for Review.” You want the default (highlighted) actions to be the most common ones, not the ones you’ll do only once.

    Those are the biggest issues, in my opinion. Hope the “Related Web Page” issue is addressed soon.


  • Sybolt Dijkstra

    It’s not possible to ad an attribute after I created a page and the reviewer has postponed the page. The question was to ad an attribute however that’s not possible

  • Geocaching HQ

    Thanks for the feedback! We’d love to discuss further in the forums linked from above.

  • MuzzaL53

    I am trying to publish my Virtual cache but can’t get it to accept for submission. It would appear that the State or Province for New Zealand is not accepting South Island (one of the three defaults) with the message “Please select a state or province.” popping up in red when I click submit? Help please.

  • Peter J. Wood

    Well… listing and submitting an event took some effort. And still it’s not showing as having been submitted – twice now! Why do you **** with stuff that isn’t broken?
    And why do I have to go through a third party to post a comment – this Disqus(t) thing?

  • watersphere

    In the middle of the review process of a submitted night cache with 8 virtual stations and 8 reference points, everything suddenly looked completely different … first thought: Uhhh!
    But second thought then: Wow! Apart from a few teething problems it seems this is a great improvement in general. In the past it was such a pain to coordinate all waypoints correctly and to enter the route and tasks of a long multi cache. There was no way without third party software. In my opinion the biggest advantages of the new page: you can edit an check the waypoints directly. And you will wether you entered them correctly! That alone is a milestone. Many, many thanks for that!

  • Geocaching HQ

    This bug has been fixed! Let us know if you continue to have any issues.

  • Kalle Centergren

    it seems like their is a bugg when i want to change cordinates in an multicash.
    i was in the proses of getting a multicash threw Review, and i neded to tweek one of the cordinates a bitt, but now i can not eddit them anymore. (the stages are hidden to the casher in this multicash) when i click add/edit it just scroles me down on the page, but i can not see my stages anymore then, so i am stuck, i can not change the cordinate so i can not submitt it 🙁

  • Kalle Centergren

    i have now tried to eddit the coordinates on windows explorer, safari, firefox and iOS, it does not work on any of them. this realy sucks 🙁

  • Geocaching HQ

    Thank you for reporting the issue – would you mind sharing the cache you are having the issue with so that our developers can attempt to reproduce the problem on our end? You can reply here or in the forum linked in the above blog. Thank you!

  • Robert-Jan Venema

    have been trying to edit my cache description (Middenduin Geocache Code
    GCRVJ4), but yhe system responds with ‘A final location waypoint is required.’, but that hasn’t changed?!
    Therefore I cannot save the new text.

  • Kalle Centergren

    i am working on this cache GC7FKNK, i want to change the first noumber in the cordinates for the 2ond stage to 58 instead of 59, and i allso whant to ad the cache starting cordinates to stage 1 for clearity (requested by the reviewer) but i find no way to eddit my cordinates. i klick on the eddit cordinates and it doesent take me to a Place were it is posible. i allso see no map on the eddit page, only a gray box.

  • Geocaching HQ

    Thank you for reporting the issue you are having – would you mind sharing which browser you are using? We can see if we are able to replicate the issue on our end. Thank you!

  • Robert-Jan Venema

    I used ios(on ipad and iphone), chrome and internet explorer.

  • Charles

    With an answer like “Why do you **** with stuff that isn’t broken?” we were still geocaching with the fist drawn map of Mercator.
    Give the developers a second and it will be another nice improvement.
    P.S. I also want the world to be perfect, but…

  • Geocaching HQ

    This bug should be fixed now! Let us know if you have any issues.