Where in the world is Signal the Frog®? Australia!

After a busy time meeting with thousands of geocachers at Mega and Giga-Events all over the world, Signal the Frog® is ready for a summer vacation. Yes, that’s right – he’s packing flip flops*, a snorkel, and many bottles of amphibian-proof sunscreen, because he is headed for Australia!

Photo by Schlauchen near GC3QDK0

We’re excited to share Signal’s next destination with you as he continues to celebrate geocaching around the world. Visiting the Southern hemisphere for Australia Day 2018, our favorite frog is planning to join in on the festivities and barbecue like an Aussie would do!

You can take part in the celebration by hosting or attending an event on Friday, January 26 through Sunday, January 28, 2018 and earn the Australia Day 2018 souvenir.

If that is not enough to make you brave the cold by firing up a grill in the Northern hemisphere’s winter, we’ll give you some fun facts and clear up a common misconception about Australia.

  1. There is rarely any shrimp on the barbie. “I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you” was a marketing slogan from the Australian Tourism Commission in a TV ad in the 1980’s. Australians actually use the word prawn not shrimp, and you’re more likely to find sausages or hamburgers on the barbecue for Australia Day.
  2. January is summer time in Australia. Living in the Southern hemisphere means that having a picnic, beach parties, barbecues, and fireworks are all common activities on Australia Day.
  3. There is deeper relevance for the emu and the kangaroo on the Australian coat of arms. Not only are both animals indigenous to Australia, they also have one trait in common: none of them can walk backwards. This characteristic serves as a metaphor for Australians to always move forward.

Do you have any interesting facts about Australia? Share in the comments below!

*Flip flops are called ‘thongs’ in Australia, or ‘jandals’ in New Zealand.

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  • Anonymous

    Australia Day is one of celebration on the Australian continent, it is also a day of mourning for the country’s indigenous people. This date marks the coming of the English, who ultimately displaced, colonised and attempted to eradicate the natives. So, while many will party on the 26th of January, the day excludes an important demographic of the community and fails to properly respect the 50,000 year history prior to the arrival of the Europeans to the land.

  • Philipp

    This Day is not without controversy since it also marks the beginning of the genocide of the indigenous communities. Over the past few years this debate is growing and voices for changing the date can be heard more clearly.
    Celebrating Australia Day without reflecting on the dark chapters of this young nation’s history would be considered insensitive by parts of the Australian population.

  • Nellie Vink

    I will avoid this souvenir as it is insensitive to Australia’s first people.

  • Anonymous

    Happy 100 year anniversary Finland today! Where I can find Finland’s souvenir?

  • David Radford

    Nice way to hijack a post from Groundspeak.
    Keep your political views to a more suitable forum.

  • Danielle

    I’m disappointed that people are using a fun, international game like Geocaching as a political stand point and trying to sour something special. As an Australian, I’m looking forward to celebrating my country’s National Day with our own special souvenir. Thanks Groundspeak for thinking of us.

  • Bob

    Love to gain the special souvenir on Australia Day then off to celebrate. Thank you Groundspeak.

  • OkeyDokey

    Australia Day is Australia Day. It is what it is. As it stands it is an internationally recognised National Day for Australia. The crying party-pooping lefties should address it with their government if they have a problem. Groundspeak does not get involved in politics so don’t go looking for politics where none are intended. This is geocaching. You know, looking for plastic containers behind trees. Leave your uncalled for virtue-signalling for when next you’re in the Q&A audience on a Monday night. #dontmixyourpoliticalagendaswithgeocachingfun

  • FatBaldOldMan

    Did you know that Australia could have been FRENCH?

    While the Dutch explored much of the western and southern coasts of the continent in the early 17th century (as early as 1606), Lieutenant James Cook charted the east coast of Australia for Great Britain and returned with accounts favoring colonization at Botany Bay (now in Sydney) Cook landing in Botany Bay. On 22 August 1770, and he claimed the whole of the east coast of Australia at Possession Island, naming eastern Australia New South Wales. However, St. Alouarn from France arrived on March 17, 1772 to the coast of New Holland (Australia, the outline of which was still very poorly known) and followed the coast up towards the north. March 30, 1772, Jean Mengaud of Hage took possession on behalf of King Louis XV of France. The First British Fleet did not arrive until 1788 to establish a penal colony at Botany Bay.

  • Annika

    Thank you for your comment and for helping us understand this day from your perspective.
    Our intent was to highlight Australia as a country in the Southern hemisphere – which is often forgotten during this time of the year, when the communication is focused on winter activities.
    The souvenir can also be earned on the weekend of the 27th and 28th of January and so is not restricted to Australia Day.

  • Stefano Trezzi

    An event… that means simple event or, maybe, also a CITO event?

  • Eva Paine

    Well said.

  • Eva Paine

    I agree

  • Eva Paine

    Agree……what is wrong with people

  • Eva Paine


  • Team ERw2 (2512)

    Fully agreeing. The only bad thing is that during this weekend we are on the not so weather-lucky side of the planet (no “barbies” for us) and on our way to Edinburgh … we hope to find some kind of event there (would thematically be appropriate as many Australians have Scottish roots, haven’t they?).

  • Charles

    You forgot my birthday too. So?

  • Azimvth Ashram

    Any guidelines on how to organise an event on that day (s)?