Five things to do with your log photos

These days it’s easier than ever to capture your best geocaching moments, thanks in part to smartphones, and of course the amazing geocaches out there. While adding photos to your geocaching logs is not a new idea, have you ever considered what else to do with those photos once you’ve earned your smiley? These photos are memories of your story-worthy geocaching moments, so why not make the most of them with these five tips!

  1. Design a calendar. If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your favorite photos, a calendar might be the perfect craft for you! Create a collage of photos each month or simply feature your favorite geoache or geocaching memory. Bonus: use this calendar to plan your future outings!
  2. Create postcards. Keep in touch with your geocaching pals the good ole fashioned way—with snail mail! Easily turn your photos into postcards or greeting cards. Keep a few for yourself on the fridge, secretly send the rest off as a fun surprise for your friends, or leave them as SWAG next time you attempt a Letterbox Hybrid.
  3. Make a coloring book. There are reports that say that coloring reduces stress and improves vision and motor skills. Talk about a win-win! Keep the coloring book for yourself as a rainy day activity or share it as a gift for cachers of all ages!
  4. Treat yourself. Geocaching cakes have become a bit of a trend (see here) so why not turn your favorite geocaching photos into a tasty treat? From sugar cookies to sheet cakes, your photos will look sweet! These photos may not last too long but they will be memorable in their own right.
  5. Customize your profile. Use your favorite geocaching photo to customize your public profile with your own cover image. To update your image, visit your Profile Settings and upload a photo in the “Cover Photo” section. You will now see this image both on and in the Geocaching® app!

How do you like to make the most of your geocaching photos? Share in the comments below!